The Devil's In The Detail

Updated: June 10, 2017

The Devil's In The Detail

The learning process never stops because there are so many layers of complexity in violin-playing. Each layer reveals more, and richer possibilities for musical expression.

At the same time, you don't want to get so wrapped up in the detail of one particular technique or that you lose sight of your overall music-making! Make sure you keep a balance between technical and musical at all times. One feeds the other.

One of ViolinSchool's learners, Susan Shaw, came up with this model for thinking about and describing the need to balance lots of complex details at the same time...

(imagine there are lots and lots of pillars, not just the 9 pictured here - one for each technique)

The principle is that you should always develop the 'pillars' of the temple at a roughly similar speed. Otherwise, you'll become too advanced at some techniques, or under-developed in other techniques, and your playing will become unbalanced (and the roof of the temple will slide off!).

Never become obsessed with making one technique perfect before moving on to the next. Otherwise, your technique will fall out of balance and you'll find it really difficult to play.

The Violin Guide and our online learning resources will help you to explore different aspects of technique layer-by-layer, and on your own terms. Everyone's body is different, so you need to adopt the core technical principles that are true for everyone, but then build up your technique in the way that's right for YOU.

That way, you can maximise your artistry and creativity in your violin playing, without you drowning in technical details. With this approach, your technique will build up and become brilliant over time, without you losing your overall perspective - including your approach to performance and to the music itself.

We'll be giving you everything you need to tackle the violin-playing adventure; all you need to do is to do it!

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