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Week 6: Live Schedule (21st to 26th February 2022)

Updated: February 18, 2022

Week 6: Live Schedule (21st to 26th February 2022)

Welcome to Week 6 - the second half of the New Year Term! Check back soon for links to class content.

  • All times are UTC (currently the same as London time)
    - convert to your time zone here
  • Saturday classes are live in London - email us if you'd like to visit in person!
  • Class content is representative and always subject to change.

Tuesday 22nd February

7pm UTC - Violin Course A with Simon (90min)
Topics to be confirmed

9.30pm UTC - Violin Clinic with Simon (30min+)

Wednesday 23rd February

No classes today

Thursday 24th February

4.30pm UTC - Children's Course B Practice Session (30min)
Singing, Pitch and Finger Placements

5pm UTC - Violin Fundamentals (1hr)
Open Session - Bring Your Requests! - Bowing Activities

6pm-10pm UTC - Practice Sessions
6pm UTC Level 1 [Course A]
6.45pm UTC Level 1 [Course B]

To include: Scale Drills, G Major Pattern Building, D Major Pattern Building, A Major Pattern Building, Peasant's March, Ode to Joy

7.30pm UTC Level 2 [Course C]
8.15pm UTC Level 3 [Course D]

To include: Chromatic Scales - D, A, G - 1 Octave, Chromatics on One String, Acrobatic Chromatics, Aerobatic Chromatics, Democratic Chromatics, Poor Old Battered Broomstick, Melted Mouse and Roasted Rat

9pm UTC - Ensembles Playthrough (1hr)
Preview: The Easy Winners
Playthrough (if time): Allegro in D by Handel, Mazas Duet No.1, Marche Militaire, Chant de Veslemøy, An Elven Adventure

Friday 25th February

No classes today - Caroline's Clinc returns next week.

Saturday 26th February

Live from London

9am UTC - Adult Course A Instructional class (90min) with Marisol and Simon
Topics to be confirmed

10.30am UTC - Adult Course B Instructional class (90min) with Simon
Topics to be confirmed

10.30am UTC - Children's Course A Instructional class (45min) with Marisol
Topics to be confirmed

11.15am UTC - Children's Course B Instructional class (45min) with Marisol
Topics to be confirmed

12.30pm UTC - Adult Course C Instructional class (90min) with Simon and David
Topics to include: Vibrato Warmup Exercises, Vibrato, Time Signature 6/8, Rhythm Bank 19, The Irish Washerwoman, Swing Song

12.30pm UTC - *early afternoon Workshops will start after half term

2.15pm UTC - Adult Course D Instructional class (90min) with David
Topics to include: Vibrato Warmup Exercises, Dominant and Diminished Sevenths, Dominant 7ths on A, E and B, Dominant Seventh Gallop

3pm UTC - Workshop (45min) with Simon
Kreutzer Etude No.2 -
N.B. this session ends at 3.45pm

4.15pm UTC - Ensembles (90min) with David and Simon
New Music: The Easy Winners
Playthrough: Allegro in D by Handel, Mazas Duet No.1, Marche Militaire, Chant de Veslemøy, An Elven Adventure

7pm UTC - Live Music Event / Jam Session - Live at the Grosvenor (45min then Jam session)
With pianist Oliver Lallemant

This week, we are delighted to welcome ...

Oliver Lallemant, Piano (7pm @ The Grosvenor)

Oliver Lallemant is an incredible musical omnivore who can play pretty much anything on the piano! He trained as a chorister and then then an organist, and runs several of London's leading choirs ... but he's equally at home as a jazz pianist!

Olly has performed at events and parties all over the world with his jazz trio, and can even be heard twice a week serenading diners in the glorious setting of the Ritz hotel's restaurant in London.

On Saturday, Olly will treat us to a set of jazz standards on the piano, before inviting ViolinSchool violinists to join in with the jam! Let's see what happens ... 🙃

Oliver Lallement is the Director of Music at St Stephen’s Dulwich and runs several choirs, including Sloane Square Choral Society, Chelsea Chamber Choir and the Chelsea Arts Club Singers. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Organists and a Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music.

Oliver trained at Llandaff Cathedral as a chorister, where he sung Howard Blake’s ‘We’re Walking in the Air’ in Welsh on national television, and then later at Wells Cathedral School. He was an organ scholar at Trinity College, Cambridge (2002-5).

In the UK? Come and enjoy our new live music series in London!

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