It's WORKOUT WEEK at ViolinSchool!

Updated: July 17, 2017

This week at ViolinSchool we're going workout-crazy! We've heard from many of our learners that they've already zipped through all 40 of our 5 Minute Workouts, and are clamouring for more ...

Not familiar with the 5 minute workouts? Read all about them here! >>

... so, to keep ahead of the game, we've been feverishly creating more workouts, and every day for the next four days we're going to be releasing not one, not two ... but TEN brand new 5 Minute Workouts for you to include in your daily practice! That's another 40 workouts, meaning there'll be 80 to choose from in total ... that's a serious amount of exercise!

Let's get started. Here are today's ten new workouts: Numbers 41 to 50 ...

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