George The Giant Tortoise

Updated: May 16, 2019

George The Giant Tortoise

One of the loveable characters in our early stage tuition is the cool, ice-cream-loving tortoise George!

A connoisseur of ice cream, George is known to enjoy a wide variety of flavours. He tells us that snails work particularly well with strawberry, whereas a nice juicy topping of worms will make a raspberry cone come alive...!

George recently had his sheet music upgraded, and a great new playalong added too! So plug him into your earphones, and try playing along with the accompaniment!

We also strongly recommend singing along with George's song, to help you pitch the notes accurately. If you can sing it in tune, you're much more likely to play it in tune!

Have fun, and watch out for those snails and worms!

p.s. ViolinSchool Members can download George's sheet music from this page in the ViolinSchool Library, and our favourite tortoise will soon be making an appearance in the Beginner Violin Course as well!

p.p.s. for any tortoises reading, please note that ViolinSchool does not endorse a non-vegetarian diet.

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