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The Beginner Violin Courses also run offline at our school in London, UK. Click here to read about the Beginner Violin Course in London!

We've entirely rethought how to deliver online learning for the violin, and it's now possible for you to see remarkable results by participating in our courses, regardless of whether you're learning with us remotely, online, or offline (or both!).

The medium - the tools you use to learn with us - is far less important than what you're learning, why you're learning it, and how it's sequenced.

A Comprehensive Course for Beginner Violin Learners

The Beginner Violin Course (Online)


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The Beginner Violin Course includes Lessons, Explainers, Worksheets, Video lessons, and more! As soon as your registration is confirmed, you'll get full access to everything!

What's in the Course?

Since we were founded in 2012, the team at ViolinSchool has helped literally thousands of learners to successfully learn the violin... and now we can do the same for you!

If you choose Full Enrolment in the Beginner Course, you'll have direct support for the period of your enrolment from our team of specalists, so whenever you have a question, help is on hand!

For our first cohort of learners, beginning early June 2019, your assigned coach will be our director Simon Hewitt Jones, assisted by our Head of Support Setareh Mood, and with input from our Director of Learning, David Worswick (who designed most of the course).

Simon and Setareh are available by email throughout the week to answer any questions you may have, and to provide personal feedback and guidance on each of your assignments. 

In the unlikely event that you need extra support on a topic, we will schedule a short phone or video call, or provide further guidance through video exchange (we send you a personalised video response)... in short, whatever it takes to make sure you succeed!

Learning Support

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the course, please don't hesitate to email or phone us:

+44 (0) 20 3051 0080
(24/7 Reception - call anytime!)

Simon Hewitt Jones

Simon has performed in every capacity as a violinist - from solo appearances on Radio and TV, to symphony orchestras, to session recording in London, and everything in between! 

His research at the Royal Academy of Music led to the founding of ViolinSchool in 2012.

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Setareh Mood

A true teacher, Setareh's dedication to the success of ViolinSchool learners is underpinned by a deep understanding of the Adult learning experience learning the violin.

Setareh is a professional Yoga teacher, whose unique understanding of body dynamics informs learners on the relationship between the body and the violin!

David Worswick

Before joining ViolinSchool, David was a first violinist in the London Symphony Orchestra, where he played around the world with many of the world's most renowned musicians and conductors.

As Head of Learning at ViolinSchool, David leads the design of our curriculum and courses. He's a prolific composer, and writes many of ViolinSchool's pieces!

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You can access the new Beginner Violin Course A in two ways:

1) Access Only (ViolinSchool Membership)

Course access only. You'll have full access to all lessons, instructional videos, interactive tools, and downloadable resources.

No personalised support is included, so this option is best if you already have a personal tutor in your local area, or you're an experienced learner who is happy to learn on your own, or you're part of a musical community where you can easily access support from elsewhere.

All you need for Course Access is a valid ViolinSchool Membership. You can sign up today for either a 6 month or 1 year membership... or a rolling monthly membership if you prefer (cancel anytime).

'Access Only' or 'Full Enrolment'?

Coaching & Support: You will be assigned a named personal coach (for the first 30 learners, this will be our director Simon Hewitt Jones), who will be available to support you via email, phone and video. Your coach will give you feedback on your weekly assignments, ensure you're on track with your learning, and answer any questions you may have.

Weekly Assignments: Each week, you'll be given a new assignment to complete in your own time. By the end of the course, you'll submit at least 5 assignments which will be reviewed by your coach.

Accountability: There's nothing like a deadline to keep you focused! Although you'll be given permanent access to the course materials once you enrol, you will need to complete your assignments by the current end-of-course deadline (30th August 2020) in order to earn your certification!

Certification: Once you submit at least 5 assignments and complete the course, you'll earn an official certification from ViolinSchool that you've completed Course A.

Printed Course Folder: Digital materials are great, but when you're playing the violin, there's nothing quite like playing from proper printed music. 

We'll send you a folder by postal mail (wherever you are in the world), with full colour prints of all the pieces, exercises and worksheets that you need to complete the course.


Our downloadable, printable 'Explainers' give you a clear, simple, full-colour explanation of each topic.

Each new technical concept is introduced with a simple explanation, using clear, real-life analogies to explain each new idea.


Once you've learnt a topic, you need to practise it until you've mastered it!

For each topic, the course includes multiple exercises which will help you to build up your muscle memories, and drill in the techniques you need to play fluently and confidently.


It's one thing to learn a concept, but it's another to internalise it so that you can rely on your instincts.

Train your muscles and your default body movements using our friendly, colourful, easy-to-use checklists.

Then you'll automatically make the right technical movements... even when you're busy thinking about something else!

Instructional Videos

Follow along with Simon and Setareh in real time, as they explain different concepts, show you practice exercises, and play the pieces of music with you!


Sometimes you need to work through an idea on a sheet of paper, to make sure that it's really sunk into your brain!

By committing an answer to paper, you'll remember it more clearly... whether it's filling in the gaps in a sequence, or filling in the correct notes or musical symbols!

Write your answers on each worksheet, and then check the supplied answer sheets to see if you got it right!

Sheet Music

Once you've learned to read music, there'll be nothing stopping you... you can expand your knowledge of different styles and genres by discovering and reading pretty much anything that uses the violin clef (notes)!

All our colourful sheet music is professionally typeset (we also run a small string music publishing company!), so it's easy to read and looks great on the page. There's a big selection of famous tunes in the course, as well as beautiful melodies written exclusively for ViolinSchool.

Playbacks & Playalongs

Playing whilst listening is a crucial skill. Use our video playbacks to hear the music you're learning, to help you hear clearly which notes you need to play. Then the digital playalong videos will accompany you with a fun, interesting backing track whilst you play the tune. You'll be making music straight away!

Practice Activities

Interactive practice activity videos show you in real time how to practise your rhythm and pitch skills.

Follow along on video with the exercises, and sing or clap the exercises you see on the screen and on your printed sheets.

Before you know it, your rhythm and pitch skills will be super-focused and reliable!

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Music Theory (Note Reading)

You don't have to learn music notation to play the violin... but it makes it a lot faster, and easier to communicate about! So the Beginner Violin Course includes full music theory and note reading training

Within a few hours, you'll be reading music fluently - even if you've never used sheet music before!

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Any Questions?

If you'd like to get started properly with learning the violin, but your schedule or your location makes it impossible to join a course, then ViolinSchool has the solution for you!

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

We hear regularly from people who want to join the Violin Courses that we run at our school in London, England, but who are just too far away.

Some people are on the other side of the world, in a different time zone, or living far from a major city. Some people *are* nearby, but their work schedule doesn't fit with the class times.

Whatever your location, the problem is the same:

It's hard to find the same high-quality learning experience that you get from an in-person course, without having to travel. However ...

A New Approach To Learning Violin

From First-Time Player to Fluent Performer

The Beginner Violin Course from ViolinSchool is a comprehensive, step-by-step program that's perfect for anyone starting to play for the first time.

The course will guide you from the first moment you pick up a violin, until you become an accomplished beginner violinist!

By the end of the course, you'll be able to read music fluently, and play your favourite violin tunes in time, in tune and with good sound and musical expression.

You'll be able to perform confidently to your family and friends, and join in playing with other musicians!

ViolinSchool's Online BEGINNER VIOLIN COURSE solves this problem! ...

Register before 5th April to save $120 on your enrolment!

If you choose Full Enrolment (see below), we'll also send you a full colour coursebook in the mail (wherever you are in the world).

You have all the sheet music, worksheets and exercises ready to go - no printing required!

Here's what you'll find in Beginner Course A:

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Any Questions? Contact Us Anytime! ~ +44 (0) 20 3051 0080 (24/7)

Available from late March 2020

Our online and offline (London) courses now run for 10 weeks, three times a year.

The next edition of Online Beginner Course A is available as part of the 2020 Summer Term at ViolinSchool.

Earlybird Booking is availableThe first 30 learners will save USD $120 on full enrolment. Places are limited, so if you'd like to take part, then please apply today!

Pre-Launch Enrolment: USD $350  (enrol by 4th April 2020)
Full Price Enrolment: USD $470 (enrol by 1st May 2020)
Assignment Deadline: 30th August 2020 (all assignments to be submitted by this date)

Payment by instalments is possible - please request further information when you register.

Summer Term 2020

Course Curriculum

If you're 100% new to the violin, you can probably skip over this bit! But we know that a lot of people like to have a full breakdown of curriculum and topics, so if that's you, here's a list of lessons and topics that you'll discover in Course A!

Please remember that this is a representative list... we are constantly updating and evolving the course content to keep it fresh and new, so the exact sequence of topics is subject to change!

Stage 1 (Open Strings)

  • The Body Checklist - The Golden Rule - The Right Hand / Arm Checklist - Parts of the Violin (Diagram) - The Violin Strings - The Stave - Ledger Lines - Treble Clef - GDAE - Stem Up or Stem Down? - Semibreve / Whole Note - Minim / Half Note - Crotchet / Quarter Note - Quaver / Eighth Note - Semiquaver / Sixteenth Note - Note Values - Time Signature - Bars - Crotchet Rest / Quarter Rest - Minim Rest / Half Rest - Quaver Rest / Eighth Rest - Dotted Notes - Down-Bow - Up-Bow - Semibreves / Whole Notes on G - Minims / Half Notes on G - Crotchets / Quarter Notes on G - Quavers / Eighth Notes on G - Semiquavers / Sixteenth Notes on G - Semibreves / Whole Notes on D - Minims / Half Notes on D - Crotchets / Quarter Notes on D - Quavers / Eighth Notes on D - Semiquavers / Sixteenth Notes on D - Semibreves / Whole Notes on A - Minims / Half Notes on A - Crotchets / Quarter Notes on A - Quavers / Eighth Notes on A - Semiquavers / Sixteenth Notes on A - Semibreves / Whole Notes on E - Minims / Half Notes on E - Crotchets / Quarter Notes on E - Quavers / Eighth Notes on E - Semiquavers / Sixteenth Notes on E - Sing then Play the Strings - Sing Back / Play Back the Strings - Aurally Identify the Note - Visually identify the Note on Sheet Music - Play strings with eyes closed - Slurring Across Open Strings - Say and Clap Note Values - Play Note Values - Words and Rhythms - Pacing and Clapping - Tap Foot and Clap - Call and Response - Clapping/Playing on Beat Numbers - No Strings Attached - Strings Attached (Answer Sheet) - Clap it! Minims (Half Notes) and Crotchets (Quarter Notes) - Clap it! Crotchets (Quarter Notes) and Quavers (Eighth Notes) - Clap it! Quavers (Eighth Notes) and Semiquavers (Sixteenth Notes) - Clap it! Semibreves (Whole Notes), Minims (Half Notes), Crotchets (Quarter Notes) and Quavers (Eighth Notes) - Clap it! Minims (Half Notes), Crotchets (Quarter Notes), Quavers (Eighth Notes) and Semiquavers (Sixteenth Notes) - Clap it! Dotted Minims (Dotted Half Notes) - Clap it! Dotted Crotchets (Dotted Quarter Notes) - Missing Bar Lines - 4/4 - Found Bar Lines - 4/4 (Answer Sheet) - Missing Bar Lines - 2/4 - Found Bar Lines - 2/4 (Answer Sheet) - Missing Bar Lines - 3/4 - Found Bar Lines - 3/4 (Answer Sheet) - Ups and Downs! - No.1 - Ups and Downs! - No.2 - Ups and Downs! - No.3 - Ups and Downs! - No.4 - Tick Tock, Tock Tick - Bach to the Future - String Theory - George the Giant Tortoise - Abracadabra - Traffic Lights - Mind the Gap - Bread and Butter Pudding - Bear Dance - Time for a Waltz

Stage 2 (Fingers)

  • All Twelve Notes - The Sharp - The Flat - Key Signature - The Keys - The Spaces - The Lines - Finger Numbers - D Major Scale - A Major Scale - G Major Scale - D Major Scale - Acceleration Exercises - A Major Scale - Acceleration Exercises - G Major Scale - Acceleration Exercises - A Major Scale - Rhythm Exercises - G Major Scale - Rhythm Exercises - D Major Scale - Rhythm Exercises - D Major Scale - Fill In The Gaps! - D Major Scale - Gaps Filled In! (Answer Sheet) - A Major Scale - Fill In The Gaps! - A Major Scale - Gaps Filled In! (Answer Sheet) - G Major Scale - Fill In The Gaps! - G Major Scale - Gaps Filled In! (Answer Sheet) - D Major Micro-Scales - Rhythm Exercises - A Major Micro-Scales - Rhythm Exercises - G Major Micro-Scales - Rhythm Exercises - Delicious D Major - Pieces - Adorable A Major - Pieces - Gorgeous G Major - Pieces - D Major Arpeggio - A Major Arpeggio - G Major Arpeggio - D Major Arpeggio Exercises - A Major Arpeggio Exercises - G Major Arpeggio Exercises - D Major Arpeggio - Rhythm Exercises - A Major Arpeggio - Rhythm Exercises - G Major Arpeggio - Rhythm Exercises - Happy Campers - Hammer It Home - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Frère Jacques - Hot Cross Buns - Pease Porridge Hot - Lightly Row - Rain, Rain, Go Away - Shepherd's Hey - Chirpy Chicks - Mary Had A Little Lamb - Second Nature - London Bridge Is Falling Down - This Old Man - Whistle While You Work - Old MacDonald Had A Farm - Mattachins - The Can-Can - Good Old Days - Troika - Autumn

If you have any questions about the curriculum or about any of the topics covered in Course A, just ask! Email us at and we'll be very happy to advise you.

2) Full Course Enrolment

Many of our learners, especially people who don't already have access to personal tuition, need a higher level of support. But we know from our research that most people need more help to succeed with a course. 

So that's why we created Full Enrolment for the Beginner Violin Course... so that you get all the help you need to succeed - especially important if you don't have a personal tutor in your area!

Full Course Enrolment includes all the all the benefits of ViolinSchool Membership (above), but additionally, you'll have access to:

ACTION-Focused Learning

ViolinSchool's new Online Beginner Course isn't just an 'information dump' for you to navigate, or a YouTube playlist for you to binge-watch! 

Yes, there's plenty for you to LEARN... but there's much more for you to DO! (Read up on experiential learning if you'd like to know why this is important!).

You'll use a combination of written / visual materials (print and digital), aural tools (playbacks, audio files, singing and playing exercises), and videos (instructionals, playalongs, coaching exchanges), to engage your brain and your body ... so that you are always learning by doing!

You'll constantly be practising exercises to help you ingrain the technical and theoretical skills you need, so that you become free to create music the way you want to!

TELL me and I will forget
SHOW me and I will remember
INVOLVE me and I will understand.
- Chinese Proverb

Course Requirements

To make the most of the course, you will need:

  • A violin and bow (obviously!), with case, shoulder rest & accessories.

  • A decent internet connection
    This doesn't need to be super fast, but it does need to be able to play videos smoothly. If you can watch YouTube without any problems, you'll be OK.

    'Full Enrolment' Learners also need:

  • A Camera / Smartphone / Webcam
    You'll need to take up to 5x short videos (of no more than 5 minutes each), in order to complete the course assignments.

  • A Music Stand
    Essential for good posture when reading sheet music.

    Our free online course 'How to Get Started with the Violin' will tell you everything you need to know about getting set up and ready to play. If you don't have an instrument yet, click here to get started right now!

A Commitment to QUALITY

We're committed to continuous development as teachers, and our practical, frontline experience of working 'in the field' as professional violinists. Our courses are updated termly with new, fresh material, and we're a full time team with a long term mission to transform the way that people learn the violin.

Our work originated in the UK from research projects at Royal Academy of Music and Cambridge University, and our top team has worked for organisations including the London Symphony Orchestra and Universal Music. 

We've been part of projects with almost every major orchestra and record label in the UK, as well as numerous recording sessions for some of the best in the business, from NPR and the BBC to EMI, Virgin, Warner, and others.

Our teaching is based not just on classroom theory, but on hard-won practical experience.

Playing The Violin Should Be FUN!

Playing music should be fun. If learning becomes a chore, it stops being fun. Then you stop playing. :(

We're always looking for ways to make our lessons more engaging, more entertaining, and more fun... learning by playing, learning through games, and lots and lots of doing... 

The principle? If you enjoy what you're doing, you're going to do more of it! 

Simple :)

After several years of research into what works (and what doesn't!), we're delighted to announce our new online Beginner Violin Course A, which you can take from the comfort of your own home - no travel required

Learning is also 'asynchronous' (you don't need to turn up at specific times for webinars or a webcam lessons), so you can work through the course at a time that suits you.

And of course, all our courses are mobile- and tablet-friendly... you can load the course quickly and easily in your web browser. 

You can have the lessons to hand on your music stand during a practice session... or catch up with your learning on the train during your daily commute!