Have You Seen The 'Clap Its'?!

Updated: May 20, 2019

Have You Seen The 'Clap Its'?!

It's a funny name, but no... they're not some imaginary character from Children's TV!

"The Clappits", as they're affectionally known here at ViolinSchool towers, are in fact superb new RHYTHM EXERCISES that will help anyone to get their pulse and their rhythm sorted... pronto!

The 'Clap It' exercises aren't just for beginners - though if you're starting out, we recommend just following along with a metronome or the video playback, and trying to clap the rhythms in time.

More advanced players can combine rhythm and pulse exercises with different speeds to build up the precision of their rhythmic skills.

Here's Clap It! No.1 (free for everyone... and there are 6 more in the members area of the library too!):

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Create your own Clapping & Rhythm Exercises

Using exercises like the Clap Its, you can build up rhythmic precision by layering more and more complex rhythms and speeds, whilst keeping your pulse really strong and secure.

Here are a few ideas to get you started...

Pulse in the Feet, Rhythm in the Hands

Get a good strong pulse going in your feet... you can either tap one foot (but don't forget to switch feet when you get tired!), or you can walk ... Left - Right - Left - Right, like a soldier marching!

Remember to use a Metronome to keep you steady and well in time...

Then, add the rhythm in your hands!

If necessary, slow everything down to find a speed where you can keep the rhythm and the pulse going together... but whatever you do, keep the pulse steady!

Speak the Rhythm, Clap the Pulse

Get an even beat going with your hands (clap - clap - clap - clap), then try SPEAKING the beats.

Say 'crotchet' or 'minim' at the beginning of each note. Or if you prefer the syllables to match the length of the note, try saying the word 'one' on each crotchet (quarter note), and 'one ... two' on each minim.

'Air bow' Exercises

Combine the speaking and foot-tapping exercises with the 'Air bow' ... i.e. the physical up-and-down bowing gestures. The more precise you can be with your speaking or singing whilst you also act the rhythm with the bow hand, the deeper your instinctive 'feel' for the rhythm will become.

All the time, be aware of the pulse. It's the heartbeat of the music! If your rhythms don't fit within the regular beat, then they're not right.

We strongly recommend using a metronome to help you stay in time with the beat... or use the Clap It videos that you'll find on each page.

See all the Clap It Exercises here in the ViolinSchool Library!


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