I already have a violin teacher. Can I still come to ViolinSchool?

Updated: September 3, 2020

I already have a violin teacher. Can I still come to ViolinSchool?

Yes, absolutely!

In fact, a lot of learners at ViolinSchool do take private 121 lessons with a local tutor, as well as working through the ViolinSchool courses and curriculum, and attending our events and group classes.

It's a great way to to learn, and many people appreciate having a personal relationship with someone they know, to keep them accountable with their progress.

Your tutor doesn't need to be associated with ViolinSchool. Everyone is welcome here, whether you're learning on your own, or elsewhere!

If you don't have a private tutor, or want to learn mainly on your own, then the ViolinSchool Coaching Program is a good halfway option.

You still get accountability and support when you need it, and some 121 coaching time as well. It's significantly less expensive than regular private lessons.

But it's not 'either / or'. If you take part in our Courses and Coaching Program, you'll probably still benefit a lot from having 121 lessons with someone you know. And if you want to learn super-fast, it's a must-have!

The ViolinSchool team also teach 121 lessons privately, outside of ViolinSchool. Caroline teaches children and their parents via Zoom, Simon and David run a private teaching studio together in Westminster, and Marisol is available for private tuition in Southeast London (and via Zoom).

If you'd like private 121 tuition with any of the ViolinSchool team, just send an enquiry via ViolinSchool ([email protected]) and our advisory team will forward it on!

Alternatively, ask around for a good teacher in your area. Local music shops or orchestras are often a good place to start. ViolinSchool can often recommend a tutor to you (particuarly useful if you're using ViolinSchool coursebooks and course material).

Then you can get the best of both worlds - a strong, well-tested program and resources with class-based learning from ViolinSchool, and a personal, 121 relationship with a good 121 violin teacher to help you reach your goals.

Find out more today about how ViolinSchool's Courses and Curriculum can help you to achieve your goals, and reach a level of violin playing beyond what you dreamed was possible!

Give us a call on +44 (0) 20 3051 0080, or email [email protected] today for a free setup call with one of our learning advisors, and we'll recommend the best place for you to start!

p.s. does your teacher know about ViolinSchool Teacher Services? We offer a whole series of support options for teachers too, including an annual Teacher Training course, personalised book orders, and teacher access to the ViolinSchool library and course material. Please let them know!


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