ViolinSchool - New Curriculum, Courses and Coursebooks

Updated: June 1, 2020

ViolinSchool - New Curriculum, Courses and Coursebooks

for Learners, Parents, Teachers and Schools

At ViolinSchool, we’re obsessed with the sequence of our violin curriculum, because we know that the smoother the sequence, the quicker and more easily a violinist can learn.

That's why we continually upgrade and refresh the sequence of learning materials that we publish.

Today we're announcing a major upgrade to our curriculum, several new courses, and a series of new coursebooks, which will be available to pre-order from late June 2020.

For now, we've focused on Beginner and Intermediate levels. Next will be the Violin Teacher Training course (available from August 2020, in partnership with the Royal Irish Academy of Music), followed by Advanced level courses in 2021.

If you'd like to know more, here's a deeper explanation of the new course structures ...

A Holistic Approach

ViolinSchool courses are built on the principle that you're not just learning to play the violin ... you're also learning to be a musician and a performer too.

As you build up your technical violin skills using our courses and ever-growing library of learning resources, you'll also be developing your rhythm, musicianship, music theory, sight-reading ... and many other topics that are essential for good violin playing!

Each one of these important areas of skill is completely integrated into the course structures.

Changes To Expect

If you're already learning with ViolinSchool, or you're a teacher who's already using our books and course materials, then here are the changes you can expect from our recent upgrade:

  1. All Ages: From Course A onwards, all ViolinSchool courses are now optimised for learners of ALL ages.
  2. Age-Specific Quick Start: Age-specific topics for first time learners will be covered by new ‘Quick Start’ courses. These are specific to adults and to children (and their parents!), and address the issues that are unique to different learners
  3. Shorter Courses - All courses now have 15 modules instead of 30, making it easier for you to find your way around.
  4. Coursebooks - Each course will have a comprehensive, full-colour printed coursebook. These will be available soon for worldwide shipping, or can be ordered through all good music stores.
  5. Video Playalongs and Tutorials - by September 2020, most lessons will have both a playalong video and a video tutorial. We're shooting these now, and you'll start to see new and updated videos within the courses, on the library pages, and on our YouTube channel.
  6. Digital Player - all pieces, songs and exercises now come with digital 'slices' for enhanced note recognition and improved rhythm. An in-built metronome helps you to practise your timing to be sure your rhythms are precise.
  7. Backing Tracks - all pieces/songs and some exercises will now have backing tracks (usually piano or string quartet or guitar/banjo ... or maybe all of them if you're lucky...!)
  8. Scores & Chord Sheets - Every new piece in the library (except ensemble music) now comes with an accompaniment. This is usually a piano part, a lead sheet, a chord sheet, or a combination of all three!

For Learners, Teachers and Schools

We’ve spent a enormous amount of time refining the sequence of activities, skills and tutorials that move learners smoothly from beginner to intermediate level and beyond.

If you're a learner (or parent), you can use all of these resources on your own, or with the help of our coaching team, or with your own teacher.

If you're a teacher, our new courses come with lesson-by-lesson teacher notes, so you can save time and help your school class or private students make amazing progress really really quickly (also - keep an eye out for our new Violin Teacher Training Course, which will be available soon in partnership with the Royal Irish Academy of Music).

The new course sequence will be fully mapped to the major Exam boards such as ABRSM, Trinity, AMEB and RIAM, so that you can take an exam with confidence. For example, if you've completed Level 1 at ViolinSchool, you'll be at a level where you can take take a Grade 1 exam with any of the major exam boards.

We're rolling out the new courses to existing ViolinSchool members from today, and new lessons are being added daily on

Each new lesson and video tutorial will be featured on the ViolinSchool Blog, or you can join our mailing list for a weekly update on new lessons as they become available.

Membership: Full access to all our new Courses and Library resources is available from just $19/month with a ViolinSchool membership - click here to join!

Coaching: If you need more guidance and accountability to help achieve your goals, then can enrol with our Coaching Team from US$479 per term, or we can refer you to a local teacher or music school in your area.

Or come and join us at our school in London, England!

Violin Teachers and Music Schools - supercharge your teaching with our educational licenses!


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