New Digital Library is Live!

Updated: January 16, 2019

New Digital Library is Live!

Hello everyone!

Here in London, the new term is starting, and for the first time ever we are synchronising our online and offline tuition.

Regardless of whether you're learning with us here in London or from anywhere around the world, you'll have access to exactly the same course content, learning resources, exercises and learner support.

The class structure of the London Beginner Courses A, B and C will form the basis of our Online Courses A, B and C which we'll be releasing gradually over the coming weeks.

If you'd like to be notified when each course becomes available, don't forget to join our mailing list - you can leave your email address on the courses page.

I'm reliably informed by our technical wizards that all Member accounts have now been transferred over to the main website at so you can now log in there with your existing details (though you may need to reset your password depending on when you originally registered... if you need any help just email [email protected]).

More about this soon, but the big news right now is that...

The New Digital Library is Live!

I'm super excited to let you know that our upgraded Digital Library is now fully stocked and ready to use!

There's sooooooo much more we have in the works for the Library, but the most important things that you can use right now are:

  • Search - you can now go direct to whatever you're looking for by typing it in the search box!
  • Faceted search - you can now search through the library according to type and level of learning resources (with more options coming soon)
  • Browse - it's much easier now just to snoop around and see what's what. We'll be adding new learning resources to the library every week form now on.

Weekly Updates / New Learning Resources

Because there's so much happening now that term has started again, it's hard to keep track without a regular update, so we're restarting the ViolinSchool Updates most weeks from now on.

If you're a member, you'll get a weekly email with direct links to all the new resources, tutorials, and lessons so you can access them in one click.

And if you're not a member yet, signup is open again - you can join today for $19 and access absolutely everything in the library instantly!

Requests & Feedback

Remember that as a ViolinSchool member you can send requests for sheet music, exercises and tutorials.

Requests that we know will be useful for other learners go straight to the top of our production list. So ask, and ye shall receive!

And of course we ALWAYS love to hear your feedback (in fact, most of what we do has been built according to what our learners have asked for!)... so don't hold back, let us know

Stay tuned for more!

We'll be blogging regularly from now on to share with you all that's new, including new topics and video tutorials as they are delivered.

So bookmark this blog and keep an eye on your inbox for our newsletters!

OK, that's all for now. More soon!

- Simon 🙂

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