Re-Enrolment Options: Autumn Term 2021

Updated: July 1, 2021

Re-Enrolment Options: Autumn Term 2021

Information For Continuing Learners:

Earlybird! Re-Enrolment now available for a limited time
Save $70 / €50 / £50 when you enrol today!

If you are re-enrolling at ViolinSchool for Autumn Term, read on to see the options that are available to you as a continuing learner!

Earlybird Enrolment has now opened for Autumn (Fall) Term 2021, and you can save up to $70/£50 on all re-enrolments, only until 11th July.

(You don't need a discount code this time - the reduced rate is automatic if you register online by Sunday 11th July).

Next Term's Dates

Ensembles begin mid September
Term Time: Monday 20th September to Saturday 4th December
Half Term: 26th-31st October
Christmas Concert: Saturday 11th December

1) Start Your Next Course ...

If you're nearing the end of Course A, B or C, you feel comfortable with the topics in your current course, and are well on track with your progress this term, then you may wish to move on to the next course in the sequence.

You can find the info and registration pages below:

Enrol Now - Violin Course

... or Term Pass (for Course D & above)

If you have completed Course D, you are eligible for a Term Pass, which gives you access to all workshops and ensembles.

In the future, we will be extending our core training sequence beyond Course D. As a continuing learner, you will be given complimentary access to these new core training courses as part of your Term Pass, at no extra cost.

You are also welcome to repeat Course D as many times as you wish.

Enrol Now - Term Pass


2) Repeat Your Current Course

If you feel like there are topics and materials from your current course that you haven't mastered yet, then we'd recommend repeating your course.

We regularly refresh class materials, so although the topic sequence will stay the same, you'll enjoy a combination of new activities and repertoire that you haven't tried before, as well as pieces and technical exercises that you already know.

Re-enrol here:

3) 'Alumni' Membership

Available until Sunday 11th July

If you're not planning to join a full course next term, but would still like to stay connected to the ViolinSchool community and have continued access to learning and practice resources, a low-cost alumni membership option is available so that you can remain a member of the school once your current enrolment ends.

(This is also a great option if you're taking some time out from learning violin, or you're unsure of your short term plans, but want to keep practising regularly and/or continue learning in the near future!)

You'll have continued access to:

  • All of the Digital Library learning resources and practice tools
  • The Social Learning Network online community
  • All Courses that you have already completed from the core sequence
  • All new materials (pieces, backing tracks, music sheets, tutorial videos) published by ViolinSchool
  • Updates to your existing courses whenever they are change or have new materials added to the sequence
  • Member rates at future ViolinSchool events
  • Support ViolinSchool's mission to bring high quality violin education to as many people as possible

This usually costs $39 or £29 per month, but until Sunday 11th July you have the option of joining us at an 'Alumni' rate of USD $13 / EUR €11 / GBP £10

Alumni membership is offered to you exclusively because you have completed at least one ViolinSchool course. The cost will stay the same for as long as your subscription remains active. You can cancel the membership at any time if you find you are longer need it.

You can register for Alumni membership any time before Sunday 11th July, here:

Register for Alumni Membership

The Earlybird discount on all courses is available now, until Sunday 11th July 2021 (the day after the first concert).

If you have any questions about the course sequence or would like to talk to us about the best next steps for your learning, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at [email protected].

With best wishes,

The ViolinSchool Team


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