Learn the core principles of good violin playing ... Play fluently and confidently in just two hours!

Whether you're a first-time beginner, a restarter, or you already play the violin, you're about to discover how it’s possible to master the core principles of good violin playing in just a couple of hours ... 

... and play fluently, confidently and with ease. 

It sounds extraordinary, I know! But that's exactly what happens every single week at ViolinSchool.

Whatever your age, let me show you how it’s possible to start playing the violin successfully in the quickest possible time ...


For Starters ... And 'Restarters'!

Violin Fundamentals gives adult learners the best possible start in learning how to play the violin. But it's also perfect as a ‘refresher’ if you've played before (e.g. as a child) and want to come back to the violin. We also recommend Session 2 as a useful revision for any Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced player who wishes to refresh their bowing technique!


We’ll teach you the fundamental principles of how to move your body in a way that allows you to make a beautiful sound on the violin.


We’ll help you understand how to apply technical principles to the music itself, by exploring rhythm, pitch and sound on the violin.


We’ll talk about the basics of performing on the violin, and you’ll learn how to prepare a piece of music to perform confidently to other people!

Get started right with the violin!

Phone: +44 (0)20 3051 0080   Email: [email protected]

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All classes are relayed ONLINE via Zoom, but you can also attend live at our London School ... if you're in (or visiting) the UK, come and join us in person!

You don’t need to read music! You'll just need access to a violin.

If you don't yet have a violin, click here and we'll help you find one!


We’ll show you how to practise the violin to get better and better. By the end of the class, you'll know exactly what to do next to get the sounds you want.

What You'll Learn in the Violin Fundamentals Classes

The Violin Fundamentals Classes will give you clarity about the first principles you need to know in order to play the violin well. You'll learn about:

How It Works

The classes are designed so that you learn intuitively – similar to how a child would learn a language. 

During each lesson and live class, we cover a small but critical number of tasks (both technical and musical). We repeat them really efficiently until you have completely internalised them and they feel really natural for you to do.

What They Say

“I enjoyed the whole session. Thank you very much! Re-familiarizing myself with my violin, starting at scratch and going over the fundamentals… I just loved soaking it all in and the emphasis on the checklist before you start playing – posture etc. I’ve been trying to stand up straight ever since!”

- Leela, Violin Student

About the Violin Fundamentals Classes

ViolinSchool’s Violin Fundamentals classes were originally developed by renowned British violinist Simon Hewitt Jones, Director of ViolinSchool, as part of his research at the Royal Academy of Music. 

We’ve been running the class for over 10 years now, and it never fails to get people really excited about the violin. After just two hours, you too will be able to:

  • Play a tune on the violin
  • Know all the strings
  • Give a confident performance
  • Make a good sound
  • Play music with other people
  • Know what to do next!

You'll need a violin before you take this class!

If you don't yet have a violin, then check out ViolinSchool Beginner Setup - our 5 step process for getting started with the violin in the best possible way! We'll start by helping you find the right instrument for you. Read more here:

Find me a violin!

The Violin Fundamentals live classes now run on a weekly cycle, every Wednesday on Zoom, and selected Saturdays!

We usually recommend attending Session 1 before you attend Session 2. Once you've registered for the classes, we'll send you the Zoom link for the next available session!

What's Included in the Violin Fundamentals Classes:


Learn from anywhere with live online classes, video lessons, and learning support from the ViolinSchool Coaching team!

... or visit us at our school in London, UK!

Let me explain how it works ...

My name is Simon Hewitt Jones, and I passionately believe in the transformative power of music.

I've been playing the violin since I was a child, but I'm still in awe of how its sound transforms how people feel.

It seems amazing that a simple wooden box can move people in such profound ways!

If you’ve always dreamed of playing violin, I’m willing to bet that you have felt its emotional impact yourself.

You heard someone playing and wondered, ‘What if I could do that too?’

One of the most fulfilling things for me and my fellow teachers at ViolinSchool is meeting new students like you, who possess this burning desire to play the violin ...

... because I know that all we have to do is remove the obstacles and barriers that stand in your way!

It’s why so many of my students have excelled within months of joining ViolinSchool. 

Here are some their stories:

You see, you don't need to start learning as a child in order to play the violin brilliantly. 

In fact, it’s never too late for you to start ... you can achieve outstanding results at any age!

And I can help you prove it to yourself.

Whatever your age...whatever your skill level...

...YOU have the inbuilt ability to do this! 

It’s startling what can happen when you let yourself succeed... when you put aside any limiting beliefs, and allow yourself the opportunity to try the violin.

That's exactly what BBC presenter Julian Marshall experienced when I showed him how to play a simple melody on the violin - live on BBC Radio.

Come and learn the Fundamentals of good violin playing!

Violin Fundamentals: 
A Strong Foundation For Your Learning

ViolinSchool is an extraordinary place for people who want to learn and grow as musicians. We're dedicated to helping people become the best musicians that they can be.

By the time you finish the Violin Fundamentals Classes, you'll have started to build up powerful, healthy habits that will set you up for whatever you want to achieve with your violin playing.

And if you want to take your learning further, you'll be correctly set up and ready to begin our renowned series of 
Beginner Violin Courses.

Optional Live Zoom Classes

Once you register for the Violin Fundamentals Classes, you'll have immediate access to the online video lessons.

But you can also join in the optional live classes which run every Wednesday and selected Saturdays throughout the year!

Live classes run regularly at the following times:

WEDNESDAY start times: 10:30 (San Francisco), 13:30 (New York), 18:30 (London), 20:30 (Jerusalem) ... arrive early if your violin needs tuning!

SATURDAY start times (selected dates only!): times vary - please check the calendar-- these sessions are often presented live from our London (UK) school - come and join us in person if you are in or visiting England!


Book Now and Get Started Today!

Violin Fundamentals runs throughout the year, so you can get started at any time!

Book today for instant access to the Online Lessons, and then join in with the next Live Session 1 Class - see the schedule below for next available dates!

Don't have a violin yet? Contact us today ([email protected]) and we'll help you find an instrument that's right for you!


The class is divided into two sessions:

Session 1: Posture, How to Hold The Violin, How to Hold The Bow, Basic Note Reading, Your First Piece

Session 2: The Right Hand, Bowing, Making a Beautiful Sound, Open String Pieces, Your First Performance

We recommend starting with Session 1, and then you are welcome to repeat the live classes as many times as you wish until you feel you know the material!

Can't make the live class times? No problem! All sessions are recorded for replay (tutor and screenshare only), so you can log in and watch the lessons whenever it's convenient for you!

No Experience Necessary!

For the first 8 years, the class wasn't available online ... but we always used to bring biscuits! You'll have to bring your own for the online version ... or perhaps we can email you some ... :)

+44 (0) 20 3051 0080

Email: [email protected] 

Online Video Lessons

Our easy to use online lessons guide you step by step through all the topics using videos, PDF downloads, backing tracks, and an interactive digital player to show you how to read the notes!

Live Online Classes

Join in with the optional live classes, and get top quality guidance and feedback from our highly experienced Coaching Team. Meet your fellow learners and the friendly ViolinSchool community!

Optional Coursebook*

Wherever you are in the world, we'll mail you a gorgeous, full-colour printed Coursebook so you can play along, complete music-reading activities, and learn ... with or without a digital screen!

*available from June 2021 - $12.95 / £9.95 plus shipping

ViolinSchool's Violin Fundamentals Classes will get you playing comfortably and confidently on the violin, so that you can start playing pieces of music straight away. 

The Fundamentals take the form of a short course, presented as two live Zoom classes (Session 1 and Session 2). There's an accompanying series of video lessons to go with it too!

Most people complete the class within a day or two, but you have up to 30 days to send in your (optional) assignment, and earn your certification of completion!

Your Violin Fundamentals registration includes:

You don't need to read music for this class! If you're learning online, all you'll need is your own violin!

Just want to try the violin, and see if it's right for you?
Come and visit us in London, UK, and you can borrow a violin during the class for free!

Check out the info pages from last term's 10-week Courses:

10 Week Beginner Courses

A comprehensive series of Beginner Violin Courses - from first-time player through to fluency in 1st position (G, D, A Major)

Read More
Read More

A continuing series of Intermediate Violin Courses for violinists ready to begin shifting into different positions, develop vibrato, and more!

10 Week Intermediate Courses

Every session of the Fundamentals is really PRACTICAL. Through a comprehensive series of video lessons, optional live Zoom classes, and support from ViolinSchool's super-experienced Coaching Team, you'll learn how to apply all the techniques in the way that works best for you.

In just a couple of hours you'll be able to play all the strings of the violin with a beautiful sound, and perform to others with clarity and confidence.

TELL me and I will forget
SHOW me and I will remember
INVOLVE me and I will understand.
- Chinese Proverb

  • a 30 day membership to ViolinSchool (including full access to the practice tools and music player in the digital library)
  • help and support from the ViolinSchool Coaching Team (contact us anytime at [email protected])
  • an optional assignment where you can send in a video for personalised feedback from our coaching team
  • a certificate of completion ... if you successfully send in your assignment!

Violin Fundamentals is a perfect 'taster' class if you'd like to see if the violin is right for you ... and an essential foundation if you've already committed to learning the violin!

The Violin Course

The Violin Course is ViolinSchool's core training program for violinists of all ages and levels. It's a sequence of 10-week courses that runs from first-time beginner through to advanced level.

There are versions of the course for Adults and for Children & Parents

There are versions of the course for Remote Learners and also for in-person learning at our school in London, England.

This is the information page for Adult Courses (Remote / International Learning).


A high quality, comprehensive sequence of 10-week violin courses, to take you step-by-step from first-time player to advanced level.

for Adult Learners


Learn from anywhere! Or come to our school in London, England

Select Country: United Kingdom | USA / International

🌎 You've found the international course page for our remote learning courses!

If you're looking for in-person tuition at our school in London, England, click here instead!

Summer Term 2022 - The Essential Info!

Term Dates
Term Time: Monday 25th April to Saturday 9th July 2022 - register at any time!
Half Term: Monday 30 May 2022 to Saturday 4 June 2022 (no classes)
Summer Concert (Livestream): Saturday 9th July 2022

Course Fees (Full Enrolment)
GBP £370 or USD $490. Instalment plan available - reserve your place with a deposit of £170 or $190.

Live Classes
See below for class times!
The main instructional classes take place in London on Saturdays, and online during the week. And we now run a whole program of events throughout the week via Zoom, and it's ALL included in your enrolment! Come to as many sessions as you like - it's up to you!

Our live schedule is published in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Convert to your timezone here!

  • Wednesdays* - Fundamentals followed by Course A
  • Thursdays - Practice Sessions from 4pm to 9pm UTC
  • Fridays - Violin Clinics (various times, see schedule)
  • Saturdays* - Instructional Classes (times below), Workshops 11am-1pm or 1pm-3pm UTC, Ensembles 3pm to 5pm UTC, Jam Sessions / Events from 6pm UTC to late.

All classes take place on Zoom. Wednesday and Saturday instructional classes are relayed live from our school in London, England. See below for class times!

ViolinSchool's comprehensive series of courses takes you all the way from first-time beginner to advanced level. However far you want to go, we'll help you get there.

Three times a year, we open our popular sequence of Violin Courses for termly enrolment, starting in January, April or September. We also have low cost digital only options available.

You can register at any time before the start of a term, and enjoy instant access to all course materials.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Learning has changed a lot in the past few years, even faster than expected because of the pandemic, and your location or work schedule is no longer a barrier to joining a violin course.

We still run a dedicated school in London, England, but most of our learners take part in courses remotely, learning from home and enjoying a blend of live online classes, pre-recorded videos, guided self-study, printed coursebooks, and personal coaching. 

It's no longer necessary to travel long distances or live in a major city, in order to find a high quality learning experience and achieve remarkable results with the violin.

Live Classes

In addition to self-paced online learning, a Full Enrolment will give you access to live classes that will transform your playing and make your weekly violin practice a pleasure.

All our instructional classes take place on Saturdays, and are relayed via Zoom, live from our London school.

Some instructional classes are offered during the week as well - see the information page for exact timings. 

Practice sessions take place only on Zoom, and are an opportunity for you to follow up on what you've learnt in the instructional classes, and to bring questions and get feedback from your tutor in a group setting.

Currently we have live class times suitable for European and American time zones, and we'll be introducing more schedule options in the near future.

All of our classes are recorded for replay, so you can catch up on any sessions that you miss, whenever it's convenient for you.

This is a really popular feature that our learners have found to be extremely useful, and it's all included with full course enrolment.

Achieve Your Potential

The ViolinSchool Violin courses form a comprehensive, step-by-step program that's perfect for anyone who wants to realise their potential as a violinist.

If you're a beginner, the courses will take you from being a first-time player to becoming an accomplished, experienced musician.

If you already play the violin, or you're restarting after some time away, our courses will provide you with a fantastic framework for developing your skills and knowledge, and for gaining lots of playing and performing experience.

Amaze Your Friends and Family!

As you move through the course sequence, you'll build up fluency in both violin technique and note reading, so you'll be able to play your favourite music in time, in tune and with a good sound.

You'll be able to perform confidently to your family and friends, and join in playing with other musicians.

Action-Focused Learning that Gets Results

ViolinSchool's Course sequence isn't just an 'information dump' for you to navigate through, and taking part in a course is way more holistic than just binge-watching a playlist of online videos!

Of course, there's plenty for you to LEARN... but there's much more for you to DO!

Every lesson is really practical, and there are loads of activities for you to follow along with and practice on your violin.

At ViolinSchool, we're really focused on helping you to get great RESULTS.

From the moment you register, we'll be supporting you, and monitoring your progress regularly throughout each term.

We support your learning with our own in-house suite of cutting edge digital tools, including an algorithmic digital curriculum that's always growing and improving, digital music players and apps, and everything else that you'd expect from a modern learning environment.

But most importantly, we have an amazing team of experienced human beings who are here to look after you, help you with every aspect of your learning, and make sure that you're on track, making great progress, and achieving your goals.

Train Your Body ... Free Your Mind

To get there, we focus on training both your mind and your body, so that you're building good habits from the moment you start to play.

Together, using the practice exercises, we'll internalise the technical and music theory skills until your muscle memory is really well trained and reliable.

Then you won't have to worry about your technique whilst you play. You'll be free to focus on expressing the music just the way you want to!

Learning Should Be Fun!

The courses are also a lot of fun! At ViolinSchool, we believe learning shouldn't ever be a chore, because when it stops being fun, you lose motivation.

So, we've gone to great lengths to make sure that the practice activities in the courses are creative, engaging, and entertaining. That way you'll stay *motivated* as you practise.

Master The Fundamentals

Whether you're starting for the first time or you already play the violin, we usually suggest beginning your journey with the Violin Fundamentals.

This two-hour class, which is taught by ear and is suitable for all levels, explores the timeless first principles that every violinist needs to know.

We always recommend coming to a live session if you can, either on Zoom, or at one of our offline locations. This way you'll get personalised feedback from our teachers, and make sure you're starting your learning in the best possible way.

The Fundamentals classes can be booked on their own, but they're also included at no extra cost when you register for Full Enrolment on a ViolinSchool course.
The core sequence itself is divided into several 10-week courses.

Which Course Level is Right for me?

At the beginner level, you'll start with Course A, where you'll learn the G, D and A Major key patterns, and build up fluency in the 1st position.

Course B is focused on consolidating everything from Course A, and also introduces C Major and two octave G major patterns.

From Course C into Course D, we explore more complex harmonic patterns, techniques such as vibrato and different bow strokes, and build up your skills and musical repertoire across a wide range of different styles and playing techniques.

We'll be introducing more course levels in the future, but if you've already reached a level equivalent to Grade 5 at any major exam board, then our Term Pass and ViolinHub programs might be a better fit.

If that's you, follow the links to find out more, or contact us at [email protected], and we'll point you in the right direction.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to request a free consultation.

We'll be very happy to schedule a time to check your level and your instrument setup, discuss your learning goals, and recommend the best place in the course sequence for you to start.

In the meantime, let's take a closer look at what's included when you register for a Violin Course at ViolinSchool ...

What's In The Courses?

Each course contains over 150 lessons, divided into groups that we call 'modules'.

We cover about two modules every week during the term.

Each lesson contains a series of activities for you to practice, and most lessons include either a video, a download, or both.

Let's take a look at the types of resources you'll find in the lessons of your course:

Instructional Videos

Follow along with the ViolinSchool Coaches in real time, as we explain different concepts, show you how to do the practice exercises, and play the pieces of music with you!


Downloadable, printable 'Explainer' sheets give you a clear and simple explanation of each topic.

Every new technical concept is introduced with a straightforward explanation, using relatable real-life analogies to introduce each new idea.

Many of these explainers are also available in the printed coursebook, which is included with every Full Enrolment.

Practice Activities

Interactive practice activity videos show you in real time how to practise your rhythm and pitch skills. 

Follow along on video with the exercises, by singing, clapping or playing the music, either on screen or from your printed sheets.

Before you know it, your rhythm and pitch skills will be super-focused and reliable!


Once you've learnt a topic, you need to practise it until you've mastered it!

For each subject area, the course includes multiple exercises which will help you to build up your muscle memory, and drill in the techniques you need to play fluently and confidently.

Backing Tracks and Recordings

Listening is a crucial skill for good violin playing. Use our video demos to hear the music whilst you follow along with the music notation, either on a printed score or on our built-in digital music player.

Then, switch to the high-quality backing tracks and listen to them as you play the tune. You'll be making music straight away!

All backing tracks can also be downloaded from our library in MP3 format, which is so useful for practising on the move, or making your own practice playlists.


It's one thing to understand a concept, but it's another to properly internalise it, so that you can rely on your instincts when you're playing.

Train your muscles and your default body movements using our friendly, colourful, and easy-to-use checklists.

Then you'll automatically make the right technical movements... even when you're busy thinking about something else!


Sometimes you need to work through an idea on a sheet of paper, to make sure that it's really sunk into your brain!

By committing an answer to paper, you'll remember it more clearly - whether it's completing the gaps in a sequence, or filling in notes or musical symbols!

Write your answers on each worksheet, and then check the answer sheets to see if you got it right!

Music Theory

You don't *have* to learn music notation to play the violin... but it makes it a lot quicker, and a lot easier!

That's why each of our Courses includes full music theory training, built right in to the lesson sequence.

Our Musical Fundamentals training course is also included at no extra cost, so that you can revise the basics of music notation, or learn music for the first time if you're a beginner.

Within a few hours, you'll be reading and playing fluently using the sheet music - even if you've never used music notation before!

Sheet Music

Once you've learnt to read music, there'll be nothing stopping you... you can expand your knowledge of different styles and genres by discovering and reading pretty much anything that uses the violin notes!

All of our colourful sheet music is professionally typeset, so it's easy to read and looks great on the page... or on a screen!

There's a big selection of famous tunes in the course, as well as many beautiful melodies written exclusively for ViolinSchool.

Course Curriculum

Over the past 10 years, we've spent a lot of time developing a comprehensive Curriculum that underpins all the ViolinSchool Courses.

The curriculum is constantly evolving and changing according to the latest research, and we work with many thousands of digital datapoints, measurable learning objectives, and other educational best practices, in order to bring you the very best experience as you learn.

To keep things fresh, we regularly update our coursebooks and course materials, so there's always great new music for you to explore.

If you'd like to know more about the academic side of what we do, you can read more on our website.

But know that behind all the fun and colourful exercises, we spend a lot of time analysing and exploring ways to make the learning experience as smooth and carefully sequenced as it can possibly be!

At ViolinSchool, we care passionately about making violin learning affordable and accessible for everyone.

So we've created a few different options to suit a range of budgets and learning styles:

1) Digital Access Only

If your budget is limited, *or* if you already have access to a personal tutor and a supportive musical community, then this may be the right choice for you.

You'll get digital access to the course of your choice, plus everything in ViolinSchool's fast-growing online Library and our Social Learning Network.

Please note that this option *doesn't* include any live classes or replays, or any learning support. So you'll need to be happy practising on your own, without personalised feedback from us.

You can save by paying for your course in full, or spread the cost with four easy monthly payments.

You can sign up right now on the website, for full and instant access to everything in the course, including all the lessons and downloads!

However, we know from talking to many learners around the world that however good a course is, sometimes just having access to the materials isn't enough - especially if you don't have a personal tutor. 

That's why for most people, we recommend:

2) Full Enrolment

As well as full access to the course and all materials, you'll benefit from:

Regular Assignments...

Twice during each term, we'll invite you to record and send in a video assignment.

The second video will usually form part of an end of term concert or music video.

You'll be able to upload a short recording, so that we can make sure you're progressing well through the curriculum.

The assignments also earn you optional certification at the end of the course.

Once you get into the rhythm of regular practice, these assignments are incredibly useful for focusing your attention and making sure that you get your practice done!

A Printed Course Book...

Digital music is great... But there's nothing quite like having a proper, full-colour set of printed pages to work from. It just feels different!

Our gorgeous, full-colour printed coursebooks are a delight to use, and they're really high quality.

They're printed by one of the world's leading music printers, then shipped directly to you, wherever you are in the world!

Commitment & Accountability...

Full Enrolment is a way for you to COMMIT to your violin playing. To commit to learning, to practising, and to ACHIEVING your goals as a musician.

Quite simply... deadlines work!

We're all human, and if something doesn't *need* to be done, it's quite likely that it *won't* get done!

But when you have a series of assignments and a final course deadline, as you'll have with full enrolment, then somehow... things get finished!

Social Learning Network

One of the best things about ViolinSchool is our warm, friendly and supportive community. When you join ViolinSchool, you'll become part of a thoughtful, creative group of musicians, where you'll quickly make new friends, and connect with really interesting people!

We work very hard to create a positive, non-judgmental and success-focused environment, where everyone helps each other and learns from each others' experiences.

Once you're enrolled, you'll be able to connect to the whole of our community through the Social Learning Network, and benefit from the advice and support of others who have travelled the same road before!

Recording and Performance Opportunities

It's one thing to learn the violin, but to play and perform in public is another skill entirely!

As well as world class performance training that's integrated into all our courses, you'll also have the opportunity to take part in some amazingly memorable performances and experiences!

Several times a year we create a music video, which you can contribute to from wherever you are.

Our Violin Orchestra also gives performances in various cities, and you are always welcome to visit our school in London, England where we have an ongoing program of workshops and live performances.

The team behind ViolinSchool are all professional performers and producers as well as educators, so we know what it takes to put on a show ... and you can be part of it!
Personalised Feedback & Support ...

One of the most important benefits of full enrolment is that our Coaching Team can commit the time and resources to give you proper support and guidance with your learning.

Once you're enrolled, you'll have direct access to the team at ViolinSchool, and we'll be completely focused on your success.

That means we'll do whatever it takes to make sure you succeed - whether that's giving you extra support on a topic, sending you a personalised video, or just reminding you to get your assignments in on time!

You'll have support from the whole team, including Simon, David, Marisol, Caroline, and all of our administrators and guest tutors.

If for any reason you get stuck on a topic or need extra help, we'll work with you by email, phone or video call until you're absolutely clear on what you need to do to succeed.


It's important to celebrate success, so we also offer our own certification for everyone who successfully completes a Course.

Not everyone will achieve this! But if you follow our guidance and submit your assignments in time for the course deadline, then at the end of the term, we'll send you a certificate of achievement for the course you have completed.

To maintain ViolinSchool's reputation for excellence and high quality teaching, we only give certification when we are absolutely confident that each learner has not only understood, but also internalised the topics and skills for each level. This protects the value of each ViolinSchool certification.

Once you're enrolled, we are fully focused on your success, and will do everything we possibly can to help you achieve your goals for the term!

All successful course graduates are also offered a reduced rate alumni membership, which includes lifetime access to the course materials, including any future updates.

... and of course, ViolinSchool Membership is included with your course registration, so you'll have full access to the whole of the ViolinSchool Library and all our other digital resources, as soon as you sign up!

3) Personal Coaching

For people who would like even more personalised support, we do have a very limited number of Personal Coaching times available too.

If you'd like to join the waiting list for personal coaching, then contact us by email to express your interest. When your chosen teacher has availability, we'll contact you to invite you for a one to one consultation.

If you'd like to go ahead and join a course, then follow the instructions on the page to submit your registration today.

Or if you'd like to ask a question, find out where you should start in the sequence, or just have a chat about the different options, then just get in touch with us. 

You can email [email protected], or call us on +44 20 3051 0080.

Our reception team is available 24/7, so wherever you are, please feel free to call or use the online chat at any time.

If we're not available, leave your name, number and time zone, and one of us will call you back at a convenient time to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to welcoming you to ViolinSchool soon!


Instructional Classes
Every Termtime Saturday, via Zoom

Not sure of your level? Contact us today for a free consultation
+44 (0) 20 3051 0080 ~ [email protected]

Course Tutors: Marisol Hillier, David Worswick & Simon Hewitt Jones

Course A: Wednesdays 7pm to 8:30pm UTC OR
Saturdays 9am to 10:30am UTC
Course B: Saturdays 10:45am to 12:15pm UTC
Course C: Saturdays 12:30pm to 2:00pm UTC
Course D: Saturdays 2:15pm to 3:45pm UTC
(then Ensembles/Workshop from 4:15pm to 5:45pm UTC - included for all Course D learners)

Convert class times to your local timezone here.
Saturday classes are relayed live from our school in London, England

Beyond intermediate level we recommend a TERM PASS for unlimited access to workshops and ensembles on Saturdays, without the need to join a course. More details here:

Earlybird Discount - save $70 or £50!
Book online by Monday 14th March for an early booking discount!