ViolinSchool presents… Scuttlefish, Scuttlefish! featuring gently flowing, tuneful quavers and some startling, accented interjections which - hence the title, we're really pleased with the title 🙂 🙂 - have all the little fishies scuttling for their lives!

For the accented notes, try experimenting with the SPEED of the bow, the WEIGHT/PRESSURE of the bow on the string, and the POINT OF CONTACT where bow meets string between the fingerboard and the bridge --- we know what we think, but see what you think! 🙂 Try to find the combination that makes the most convincing, startling, humorous, vibrant sound. So much of good practice is about trial and error, experimenting creatively with different ingredients. Often, it's just as important to know what NOT TO DO as it is to know what TO DO!

The word 'scuttlefish' can also be used to describe 'a person who is always in haste, who constantly scuttles or scampers apparently for no good reason'. When you practise, don't be a scuttlefish! Take things slowly at first - steady, careful, methodical - and then gradually increase the tempo.

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