Many of our learners have told us that they've now made their way through all thirty of our 5 Minute Workouts and, so, we are delighted to present the next ten, nos. 31-40 (and, oo-er, they're starting to get a bit trickier!) 🙂

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Having plenty of variety in your practice is soooo very important. It's tempting to just repeat the same one or two (maybe three!) things every time you practise, day after day, week after week (month after month!). This means that you'll only be focusing on the challenges contained within those few things. And that's why we think it's soooo very important to do something different, something new, every time you practise! This could be a new scale and arpeggio, a new exercise, a new piece of sight-reading, maybe a spot of improvisation, or performing some old repertoire to your cat! Or, you could spend just five minutes on one of our workouts! This way you are guaranteed to be doing something new - finger patterns, bowing patterns, techniques, keys, rhythms, etc. - in every practice session. Loop each line and try (really, really hard!) to improve it with every loop - think about sound, intonation, pulse, rhythm, posture, bow division, etc., etc. - whilst you are looping!

Have a good workout! 🙂

ViolinSchool Members - click here to download ALL the 5 Minute Workouts!

These exercises are brilliant for practising double-stopped sixths! Great for intonation work and for developing a really solid left hand. Who doesn’t want a solid left hand?! 🙂

Can you survive the 10 Beat Challenge? It's a great exercise for warming up your bowing action, and for making clear and consistent sounds on whole bows. As well as improving your bow control, it will help to get the instrument really ringing and resonating.

Good bow division and bow distribution are essential for this exercise. You’ll need to pace the amount of bow that you’re using, so you’re always at the right speed for each stroke.

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