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What do you do, when you don't know what to do next?

This is a simple idea, but it really really works. If you're practising a piece of music but you're not sure how to make it better, then just ask yourself these questions: The reason this works so well is that the absolute most crucial elements of the music - timing, frequency and sound, are prioritised. […]

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Super Speedy Super Fly (Course B)

Test the speed of your left hand fingers, as Super-Speedy Super Fly flies high into the sky!

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Ragtime (Multi-Level) - performed by the Carducci Quartet

Did you know, we now publish multi-level ensemble repertoire for strings? These scores allow players of different experience levels to play together! Here's 'Ragtime', performed exclusively for ViolinSchool by the Carducci Quartet!

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Ode to Joy by Beethoven: New Backing Track & Score / Chord Sheet

A violin part, piano accompaniment part, chord sheet, and backing track for Beethoven's Ode to Joy (in D Major).

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Big Black Beetle (Duet)

A stag beetle playing a violin! No, two stag beetles playing the violin! Here's a lovely-but-slightly-scary violin duet ... good for Beginner violinists, Level 1 and above!

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I Am The Captain Of A Pirate Ship (Duet)

I Am The Captain Of A Pirate Ship is a favourite Beginner Duet from the book Lollipop Man by Anita Hewitt Jones. It's a great piece for Beginner violinists (Level 1) and is based on the D Major scale in 1st position.

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The Cuckoo (Le Coucou) – New Sheet Music [Level 5]

Cuckoo! An exclusive arrangement for two violins, by David Worswick, of the fabulously filigree piano piece, ͚Le Coucou͛, by French composer, Louis-Claude Daquin. Click here to download it!

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Theme from Swan Lake – New Sheet Music [Level 3]

The sublime, sweeping main theme from Tchaikovsky’s much loved ballet, telling the story of Odette, a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer's curse! Click here to download it!

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Abracadabra – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

Time to cast some spells! Your bow becomes a magic wand to conjure up some wondrous sounds in this bedazzling little open string piece. Abracadabra!! Click here to download it!

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May the 4th Be With You – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

From a galaxy far, far away … comes this fantastic piece for practising landing the 4th finger of the left hand with pinpoint accuracy. Go 4th and conquer! Click here to download it!

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George the Giant Tortoise – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

Meet George, a giant tortoise who really really loves ice cream! Find out what his favourite flavours are in this fun little piece for open strings! Click here to download it!

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Double or Quits – New Sheet Music [Level 7]

A delightful, but fiendishly tricky, piece with lots of double stops! Keep your cards close to your chest, or in this case, your fingers close to the fingerboard! Click here to download it!

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Cat and Mouse – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

In this high-octane, high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse, who will come out on top? Will the pussy cat be outsmarted by the tricksy off-beats of the mouse?! Click here to download it!

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Brahms - Symphony No.1 – New Sheet Music [Level 2]

This rousing, noble tune appears in the final movement of Johannes Brahms's landmark 1st Symphony, written in 1876. Play it fast and with vigour! Click here to download Brahms - Symphony No.1 from the ViolinSchool Library!

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The Water is Wide – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

The water is wide, I cannot get over / Neither have I wings to fly / Give me a boat that can carry two / And both shall row, my love and I … Click here to download it!

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Spare Keys – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

An excellent way to practise G major on the G string, D major on the D string, A major on the A string, and E major on the E string! Always have a spare key! Click here to download Spare Keys from the ViolinSchool Library!

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Mary Had a Little Lamb – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

Who wouldn’t want a little lamb following them around everywhere they went?!! Enjoy this lovely, lambent nursery rhyme, here in the key of D major. Click here to download Mary Had a Little Lamb from the ViolinSchool Library!

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The Young Prince and Princess – New Sheet Music [Level 3]

Here’s the gorgeous, tender melody from the 3rd movement of Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov, his epic symphonic suite based on One Thousand and One Nights. Click here to download The Young Prince and Princess from the ViolinSchool Library!

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Barn Chide – New Sheet Music [Level 2]

Yeeeeeee-haaaaaaaaaw! Get your feet tapping with this romping barn dance, great for practising open string double stops! See how fast you can get the ending! Click here to download Barn Chide from the ViolinSchool Library!

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Weeping Willow – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

A sorrowful, lyrical tear-jerker of a tune for which you’ll only need the first and second fingers of the left hand (and a handkerchief to wipe away the tears!) Click here to download Weeping Willow from the ViolinSchool Library!

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Full Circle – New Sheet Music [Open Strings]

Play with whole bows and then, during the rests, make nice big circles with the bow in the air. This will really help you to get used to the feel of the bow. Click here to download Full Circle from the ViolinSchool Library!

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Slice and Dice – New Sheet Music [Open Strings]

Chop up the semibreves into minims, crotchets and quavers (whole notes into halves, quarters, and eighths). Watch out for your fingers … eek … you’ll need those! Click here to download Slice and Dice from the ViolinSchool Library!

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Bread and Butter Pudding – New Sheet Music [Open Strings]

Whisk together lots of scrumptious 8th notes (quavers) and 16th notes (semiquavers) to create a delicious performance of this sweet treat of a piece! Click here to download Bread and Butter Pudding from the ViolinSchool Library!

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The Big Match – New Sheet Music [Open Strings]

This classic football rhythm is chanted at matches by fans all over the world. Use it to practise your ‘pizzicato’ technique, then try playing it with the bow as well! Click here to download The Big Match from the ViolinSchool Library!

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Hobnob the Goblin – New Sheet Music [Open Strings]

Oo-er! Who goes there?! Make sure you get all the rhythms right or Hobnob the Goblin will chide you! There’s nothing Hobnob loves more than chiding! Click here to download Hobnob The Goblin from the ViolinSchool Library!

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