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Big Black Beetle (Duet)

A stag beetle playing a violin! No, two stag beetles playing the violin! Here's a lovely-but-slightly-scary violin duet ... good for Beginner violinists, Level 1 and above!

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I Am The Captain Of A Pirate Ship (Duet)

I Am The Captain Of A Pirate Ship is a favourite Beginner Duet from the book Lollipop Man by Anita Hewitt Jones. It's a great piece for Beginner violinists (Level 1) and is based on the D Major scale in 1st position.

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The Cuckoo (Le Coucou) – New Sheet Music [Level 5]

Cuckoo! An exclusive arrangement for two violins, by David Worswick, of the fabulously filigree piano piece, ͚Le Coucou͛, by French composer, Louis-Claude Daquin. Click here to download it!

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Theme from Swan Lake – New Sheet Music [Level 3]

The sublime, sweeping main theme from Tchaikovsky’s much loved ballet, telling the story of Odette, a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer's curse! Click here to download […]

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Abracadabra – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

Time to cast some spells! Your bow becomes a magic wand to conjure up some wondrous sounds in this bedazzling little open string piece. Abracadabra!! Click here to download it!

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May the 4th Be With You – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

From a galaxy far, far away … comes this fantastic piece for practising landing the 4th finger of the left hand with pinpoint accuracy. Go 4th and conquer! Click here […]

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George the Giant Tortoise – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

Meet George, a giant tortoise who really really loves ice cream! Find out what his favourite flavours are in this fun little piece for open strings! Click here to download […]

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Double or Quits – New Sheet Music [Level 7]

A delightful, but fiendishly tricky, piece with lots of double stops! Keep your cards close to your chest, or in this case, your fingers close to the fingerboard! Click here […]

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Cat and Mouse – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

In this high-octane, high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse, who will come out on top? Will the pussy cat be outsmarted by the tricksy off-beats of the mouse?! Click here to download […]

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Brahms - Symphony No.1 – New Sheet Music [Level 2]

This rousing, noble tune appears in the final movement of Johannes Brahms's landmark 1st Symphony, written in 1876. Play it fast and with vigour! Click here to download Brahms - […]

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The Water is Wide – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

The water is wide, I cannot get over / Neither have I wings to fly / Give me a boat that can carry two / And both shall row, my […]

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Spare Keys – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

An excellent way to practise G major on the G string, D major on the D string, A major on the A string, and E major on the E string! […]

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Mary Had a Little Lamb – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

Who wouldn’t want a little lamb following them around everywhere they went?!! Enjoy this lovely, lambent nursery rhyme, here in the key of D major. Click here to download Mary […]

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The Young Prince and Princess – New Sheet Music [Level 3]

Here’s the gorgeous, tender melody from the 3rd movement of Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov, his epic symphonic suite based on One Thousand and One Nights. Click here to download The Young […]

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Barn Chide – New Sheet Music [Level 2]

Yeeeeeee-haaaaaaaaaw! Get your feet tapping with this romping barn dance, great for practising open string double stops! See how fast you can get the ending! Click here to download Barn Chide […]

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Weeping Willow – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

A sorrowful, lyrical tear-jerker of a tune for which you’ll only need the first and second fingers of the left hand (and a handkerchief to wipe away the tears!) Click […]

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Full Circle – New Sheet Music [Open Strings]

Play with whole bows and then, during the rests, make nice big circles with the bow in the air. This will really help you to get used to the feel […]

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Slice and Dice – New Sheet Music [Open Strings]

Chop up the semibreves into minims, crotchets and quavers (whole notes into halves, quarters, and eighths). Watch out for your fingers … eek … you’ll need those! Click here to […]

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Bread and Butter Pudding – New Sheet Music [Open Strings]

Whisk together lots of scrumptious 8th notes (quavers) and 16th notes (semiquavers) to create a delicious performance of this sweet treat of a piece! Click here to download Bread and […]

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The Big Match – New Sheet Music [Open Strings]

This classic football rhythm is chanted at matches by fans all over the world. Use it to practise your ‘pizzicato’ technique, then try playing it with the bow as well! […]

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Hobnob the Goblin – New Sheet Music [Open Strings]

Oo-er! Who goes there?! Make sure you get all the rhythms right or Hobnob the Goblin will chide you! There’s nothing Hobnob loves more than chiding! Click here to download […]

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Mind the Gap – New Sheet Music [Open Strings]

Take a trip on the London Underground … and Mind the Gap! Use the station names to play the rhythms on an open string, and then try it with different […]

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VIDEO LESSON: Traffic Lights [Level 1 Sheet Music]

Ready ... Steady ... Gooooooooooo!!! These fun rhythms will keep you busy while you wait for the green light! Try clapping them first, then play with the bow. Click here […]

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Tea for Three – New Sheet Music [Level 2]

Tea for Three, and Three for Tea! A lovely waltzing melody in A major, with some rather delicious ‘C naturals’ thrown in. Also goes well with lots of biscuits! Click […]

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Super Speedy Super-Fly – New Sheet Music [Level 1]

Zzzzzzzzzoooom! The Super Speedy Super-Fly goes super-fast and super-high ... buzzing around happily in A major … up, up, up to a top A on the E string! Click here […]

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