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The Down Bow and the Up Bow

If you're just starting to read music for the first time, you might come across these symbols which are especially for string instruments... This is called a down-bow ... ... and this is called an up-bow: Here's a newly updated lesson from our Starter / Musical Fundamentals courses, which explains everything you need to know:

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Rhythm Bank 17

A syncopated musical rhythm, where a very short note is followed by a long one, is called a scotch snap. Here are some rhythms featuring the scotch snap for you to practise!

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Body Signing

Learn notes quickly by tapping different parts of your body with both hands. Each part of the body represents a different note!

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Musical Sums 6

Check these 'musical sums' carefully ... there’s a mixture of plus and minus symbols!

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The Balloon Trip

An Adventure in the Air! Can you fill in the note names to discover what happens to the hot air balloon? Only those who know where the notes go can find out the end of the story! Click here to download the story!

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Does Your Metronome Hate You?

Here's a clapping game that will help you to stop rushing when using a metronome by 'subdividing' the notes ... follow along with Simon from ViolinSchool as you clap and play the notes ... exactly in time with the beat!

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Violin Key Signatures

What is a key signature? It's the group of sharp or flat signs written at the beginning of each stave. Read on to discover what that means, how it works, and why it matters...

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Note Values

We've just added a couple of useful new resources to Online Course 1A. Check out this guide to types of note values - and how to say them in British *and* American English!

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Musical Note Values: Basic 'Rhythm Names'

When you're first starting to¬†read music, you'll quickly come across¬†different types of notes. The¬†rhythm of each note is represented by the¬†SHAPE¬†of the note-head and the stem. This PDF shows some of¬†the most common¬†note values that you'll see.¬†The words on the right of each note represent¬†the¬†rhythm names¬†for each note. The exact timing of notes will depend […]

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