First-Time Violinists: Here’s a Starter Violin Course Which Gets You Playing Confidently in Just 2 Hours!

You are about to discover how it’s possible to play the violin beautifully in just a couple of hours ... 

... even if you’ve never held an instrument and can’t read a single note of music!

It sounds extraordinary, I know! But that's exactly what happens every single week at ViolinSchool.

Whatever your age, let me show you how it’s possible to start playing violin excellently in the quickest possible time ...


For Starters ... And 'Restarters'!

The Starter Violin Course gives adult learners the best possible start in learning how to play the violin. But it's also perfect as a ‘refresher’ if you've played before (e.g. as a child) and want to come back to the violin. 


We’ll teach you the fundamental principles of how to move your body in a way that allows you to make a beautiful sound on the violin.


We’ll help you understand how to apply technical principles to the music itself, by exploring rhythm, pitch and sound on the violin.


We’ll talk about the basics of performing on the violin, and you’ll learn how to prepare a piece of music to perform confidently to other people!

Get started right with the violin!

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All classes are ONLINE but some sessions are presented live from our London School - if you're in (or visiting) the UK, come and join us in person!

You don’t need to read music! You'll just need access to a violin.

If you don't yet have a violin, click here and we'll help you find one!

Q: How do I join the live classes?
A: The live classes take place online on Zoom. You will be able to book your first session as soon as you register, then you'll be sent an email with the Zoom meeting link, before the start of the class.

Q: Do you offer the class offline?
A: We occasionally present some of the Starter Course sessions live from our school in London, England. These sessions will be clearly marked on the schedule. If you are in (or visiting) the UK, you are welcome to come and join us in person at no extra cost!

Q: Do I need my own violin?
A: Yes, you will need a violin. If you don't already have one, 
click here and we can help you find one that's right for you!

Q: Do I need to read music?
A: No, it's all included in the course. We'll explain everything you need to know!

Q: How many people are there in each class?
A: We work to a ratio of 8:1 offline, and for online classes with more than 10 participants there is usually a second tutor or presenter available to answer any questions. We always make sure that there is someone from our coaching team available to answer any questions or help you with any instrument or tuning-related issues.

Q: What comes after the Starter Violin Course?
A: The Starter Violin Course leads directly on to our popular series Beginner Violin Courses which run three times a year on a termly basis. Course A starts with an introduction to the fingers, so you can learn how to create different notes by stopping the fingers on the string using the left hand.

There are three instalments - Course A, Course B and Course C. Once you've attended the Starter Violin Course you'll be ready to join Course A, which will give you all the foundational skills to play the violin well at a basic level. If you go on to complete Course B and C, you'll find that - within a year - you can play pretty much any simple melody fluently and beautifully on the violin! 

Q: How can I be sure that the Starter Violin Course is any good?
A: Our director Simon Hewitt Jones developed the workshop as part of his research at the Royal Academy of Music, refining it over several years to create the quickest possible route to playing the violin in tune and in time with a good basic sound. The course (originally known as the 'Beginner Violin Class') has now been running for over 10 years, and has helped literally hundreds of people to get started successfully with the violin!

It works for everyone because it explains the most important 10 or so core principles of violin playing in a really simple way, without getting into the nitty gritty of complex violin technique. So you really can be playing the violin with a good basic sound in just 2 hours!

Q: I’ve never played the violin in my life / I’d love to try this but I’m a bit nervous…
A: Don’t worry at all. You’ll have a great time. Our tutors are really nice and they take the approach that ‘no question is too silly’. Everyone else at the class will be feeling the same as you! But after a couple of minutes, we’ll tell you everything you need to know. You don’t need any experience at all for this course!

Q: I’ve played the violin before. Is this for me?
A: If you played the violin only at beginner level (i.e. no higher than ABRSM exam grades 3-4) and have not touched it for several years, you’ll certainly benefit from the class – so please go ahead and book today! 

If you’ve played quite recently, or if you reached higher than ABRSM grade 4-5, then we are likely to recommend that you take the Starter Course as a refresher, and then go directly to Course B or Course C (or even one of our intermediate courses, or a personalised Restarter Program). The best thing to do is to send us an enquiry then we can recommend the right class for you.

Q: What happens after the Starter Course / what do I do next?
A: Our 10-week Beginner Violin Courses lead on directly from the 2-hour Beginner Violin Class. It's possible to join the 10-week course directly, without coming to the 2-hour class, as the same material is covered in weeks 1 & 2 (but in more detail). However, many people like to come to the 2-hour Beginner Violin Class first, to get to know our teaching style before joining the full course.

Following the Beginnner Class, you'll be ready to get started on our Courses, which are available either by membership subscription or through our Coaching Program or Termly Enrolment. Our Learning Advisory team will follow up with you by email to answer any questions and help guide you to the right learning program.

Q: Where do I buy a violin?
A: We can guide you through the process of getting a violin for the first time - click through to our Beginner Setup process and we'll get you started from there. You can also find plenty of advice about finding a violin in our free online course, 'How To Get Started With The Violin'.

Have a question that's not answered here? 
Give us a call on +44 (0) 20 3051 0080 or email and we'll be very happy to advise you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Starter Violin Course: Upcoming Dates & Times



 via Zoom, every Thursday. Start time: 09:00 (San Francisco), 12:00 (New York), 17:00 (London), 19:00 (Jerusalem), 21:30 (New Delhi) ... arrive early if your violin needs tuning!

We recommend attending Session 1 before coming to Session 2!

Saturday 31st October - Session 1:  Posture, How To Hold the Violin, How to Hold The Bow, Basic Note Reading, Your First Piece

Saturday 31st October - Session 2: - The Right Hand, Bowing, Making a Beautiful Sound, Open String Pieces, Your First Performance

Thursday 5th November - Session 1:  Posture, How To Hold the Violin, How to Hold The Bow, Basic Note Reading, Your First Piece

Thursday 12th November - Session 2: - The Right Hand, Bowing, Making a Beautiful Sound, Open String Pieces, Your First Performance

Thursday 19th November - Session 1:  Posture, How To Hold the Violin, How to Hold The Bow, Basic Note Reading, Your First Piece

Thursday 26th November - Session 2: - The Right Hand, Bowing, Making a Beautiful Sound, Open String Pieces, Your First Performance

Thursday 3rd December - Session 1:  Posture, How To Hold the Violin, How to Hold The Bow, Basic Note Reading, Your First Piece

Thursday 10th December - Session 2: - The Right Hand, Bowing, Making a Beautiful Sound, Open String Pieces, Your First Performance

Thursday 17th December - Session 1:  Posture, How To Hold the Violin, How to Hold The Bow, Basic Note Reading, Your First Piece

$99.00 / €89.00 / £79.00

Book your place today - Happiness Guaranteed!

It's time to get started playing the violin! 

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all ViolinSchool Starter Violin Courses.

If for any reason at all you decide that the Course is not for you, just let us know by the end of your first session, and we will refund your registration fee in full.


We’ll show you how to practise the violin to get better and better. By the end of the course, you'll know exactly what to do next to get the sounds you want.

What You'll Learn in the Starter Violin Course

The Starter Violin Course will give you clarity about the fundamental principles you need to know in order to play the violin well. You'll learn about:

How It Works

The whole course is designed so that you learn intuitively – similar to how a child would learn a language. 

During each lesson and live class, we cover a small but critical number of tasks (both technical and musical). We repeat them really efficiently until you have completely internalised them and they feel really natural for you to do.

What They Say

“I enjoyed the whole session. Thank you very much! Re-familiarizing myself with my violin, starting at scratch and going over the fundamentals… I just loved soaking it all in and the emphasis on the checklist before you start playing – posture etc. I’ve been trying to stand up straight ever since!”

- Leela, Violin Student

About the Starter Violin Course

ViolinSchool’s Starter Violin Course was originally developed by renowned British violinist Simon Hewitt Jones, Director of ViolinSchool, as part of his research at the Royal Academy of Music. 

Originally known as the 'Beginner Violin Class', we’ve been running the course for over 10 years now, and it never fails to get people really excited about the violin. You too can leave after just two hours, being able to:

  • Play a tune on the violin
  • Know all the strings
  • Give a confident performance
  • Make a good sound
  • Play music with other people
  • Know what to do next!

You'll need a violin before you take this class!

If you don't yet have a violin, then check out ViolinSchool Beginner Setup - our 5 step process for getting started with the violin in the best possible way! We'll start by helping you find the right instrument for you. Read more here:

Find me a violin!

Starter Violin Course

The Starter Violin Course live classes now runs on a weekly cycle, every Thursday on Zoom, and selected Saturdays!

We usually recommend attending Session 1 before you attend Session 2. Once you've registered for the course, we'll send you the Zoom link for the next available session!

What's Included in the Starter Violin Course:

free worldwide shipping!


Learn from anywhere with live online classes, video lessons, and a beautiful printed coursebook from ViolinSchool!

You see, you don't need to start learning as a child in order to play the violin brilliantly. 

In fact, it’s never too late for you to start ... you can achieve outstanding results at any age!

And I can help you prove it to yourself.

Let me explain how it works ...

My name is Simon Hewitt Jones, and I passionately believe in the transformative power of music.

I've been playing the violin since I was a child, but I'm still in awe of how its sound transforms how people feel.

Simon Hewitt Jones
Director, ViolinSchool

It seems amazing that a simple wooden box can move people in such profound ways!

If you’ve always dreamed of playing violin, I’m willing to bet that you have felt its emotional impact yourself.

You heard someone playing and wondered, ‘What if I could do that too?’

One of the most fulfilling things for me and my fellow teachers at ViolinSchool is meeting new students like you, who possess this burning desire to play the violin ...

... because I know that all we have to do is remove the obstacles and barriers that stand in your way!

It’s why so many of my students have excelled within months of joining ViolinSchool. 

Here are some their stories:

Whatever your age...whatever your skill level...

...YOU have the inbuilt ability to do this!

It’s startling what can happen when you let yourself succeed... when you put aside any limiting beliefs, and allow yourself the opportunity to try the violin.

That's exactly what BBC presenter Julian Marshall experienced when I showed him how to play a simple melody on the violin - live on BBC Radio.

Come and Join the Starter Violin Course!

ViolinSchool's Starter Violin Course will get you playing comfortably and confidently on the violin, so that you can start playing pieces of music straight away. 

It's a perfect 'taster' course if you'd like to see if the violin is right for you ... and an essential foundation if you've already decided to commit to learning the violin!

Every session of the course is really PRACTICAL. Through a comprehensive series of video lessons, optional live Zoom classes, a beautiful printed full-colour coursebook (shipped to you free, anywhere in the world!), and support from ViolinSchool's super-experienced Coaching Team, you'll learn how to apply all the techniques in the way that works best for you.

In just a couple of hours you'll be able to play all the strings of the violin with a beautiful sound, and perform to others with clarity and confidence.

The Starter Violin Course: A Strong Foundation For Your Learning

ViolinSchool is an extraordinary place for people who want to learn and grow as musicians. We're dedicated to helping people become the best musicians that they can be.

By the time you finish the Starter Violin Course, you'll have started to build up powerful, healthy habits that will set you up for whatever you want to achieve with your violin playing.

And if you want to take your learning further, you'll be correctly set up and ready to begin our renowned series of 
Beginner Violin Courses.

Optional Live Zoom Classes

Once you register for the Starter Violin Course, you'll have immediate access to the online video lessons.

But you can also join in the optional live classes which run every Thursday and selected Saturdays throughout the year!

Live classes run regularly at the following times:

THURSDAY start times: 09:00 (San Francisco), 12:00 (New York), 17:00 (London), 19:00 (Jerusalem), 21:30 (New Delhi)

SATURDAY start times (selected dates only!): 07:00 (New York), 11:00 (London), 13:00 (Jerusalem), 15:30 (New Delhi), 21:00 (Melbourne) -- these sessions are often presented live from our London (UK) school - come and join us in person if you are in or visiting England!


Book Now and Get Started Today!

The Starter Violin Course is available throughout the year so you can get started at any time!

Book today for instant access to the Online Lessons, and then join in with the next Live Session 1 Class - see the schedule below for next available dates!

Don't have a violin yet? Contact us today ( and we'll help you find an instrument that's right for you!


The class is divided into two sessions:

Session 1: Posture, How to Hold The Violin, How to Hold The Bow, Basic Note Reading, Your First Piece

Session 2: The Right Hand, Bowing, Making a Beautiful Sound, Open String Pieces, Your First Performance

We recommend starting with Session 1, and then you are welcome to repeat the live classes as many times as you wish until you feel you know the material!

Can't make the live class times? No problem! All sessions are recorded for replay (tutor and screenshare only), so you can log in and watch the lessons whenever it's convenient for you!

No Experience Necessary!

For the first 8 years, the course wasn't available online ... but we always used to bring biscuits! You'll have to bring your own for the online course ... or perhaps we can email you some ... :)

USD $99:

GBP £79:

EUR $89:

+44 (0) 20 3051 0080


Online Video Course

Our easy to use online lessons guide you step by step through all the topics using videos, PDF downloads, backing tracks, and an interactive digital player to show you how to read the notes!

Live Online Classes

Join in with the optional live classes, and get top quality guidance and feedback from our highly experienced Coaching Team. Meet your fellow learners and the friendly ViolinSchool community!

Printed Coursebook

Wherever you are in the world, we'll mail you a gorgeous, full-colour printed Coursebook so you can play along, complete music-reading activities, and learn ... with or without a digital screen!

This course has now been replaced by


... please click here for the updated version of the course!

This course has now been replaced by


... please click here for the updated version of the course!