Description: In this 'quick start' learning track for beginners, we'll start by considering where to get a violin. You'll also learn some of the most important principles of violin-playing, and we'll play a first piece together!
Duration: 1-2 hours
Objective: Learn the first principles of violin-playing; Play your first and second pieces on the violin.
Requirement: No experience required. Violin needed after step 3!

1) Finding a Violin

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How to choose a violinwhat you need to know

2) The Parts of the Violin

Once you've got a violin, it's helpful to take a look and understand what’s what before we start to play! We also need to consider which type of shoulder rest would be best for you, as this is an important accessory for supporting the violin whilst you play.

Further Reading

Do your chin and shoulder rest fit?

3) The Strings of the Violin

Now it’s time for us to learn about the strings of the violin. In this video, Simon will take you through the different strings, tell you their names, and show you what they sound like!

In the next step we’ll check that the strings on your violin are tuned to the correct pitch.

4) Tuning the Violin

To make sure the strings sound at the correct pitch, we need to ‘tune’ the strings of the violin.

Don’t worry if you can’t get the strings precisely in tune yet, because we’re going to take a much deeper look at this topic in a later learning track. Just try and match the sounds you hear on the video for now.

5) 'Pizzicato' - Plucking the Strings

Before we start using the bow, we’re going to take a look at how to create different pitches and sounds by plucking the strings with your fingers.

6) Your First Piece

OK… now it’s your turn! We’re going to bring together everything we've learnt so far, then we'll create a piece of music - your first piece! - by plucking the strings of the violin.

Here’s the note pattern that Simon is playing in the video…


7) Checklists

Because there are so many things you need to do on the violin at the same time, you need to build GOOD habits from the very first time you start to play. This will allow you to play correctly by instinct. One of the best tools for achieve this is a CHECKLIST.

8) Posture

In this video we explore how the Posture of your body (how you balance your body) has an enormous effect on how you play the violin.

9) Breathing & Tension

In these two videos we’ll consider the importance of Breathing and Muscle Tension, and think about how to avoid holding too much tension in your body as you play.

1) Breathing





2) Tension

10) Notes, Rests & Your Second Piece!

In this video, we learn about ‘notes’ and ‘rests’ -- Music can include silence as well as sound! We'll also play our second piece on the violin.

Next Steps...

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