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We're passionate about the importance of performance training, good habit building, developing your intuition, and a highly creative approach to music making.

You'll be able to choose different paths according to your individual goals and experience, and track your progress as you move through the study materials.
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An introductory music course for 3 to 5 year olds and their parents
Beginner, Parents & Children
Beginner, Parents & Children
Beginner, For Adult Learners, Parents & Children
For Adult Learners, Parents & Children
The second level of our Beginner Courses for Adult Learners
Beginner, For Adult Learners
A Comprehensive Beginner Course for First-Time Violinists!
Beginner, For Adult Learners
Beginner, For Adult Learners
How to Practise efficiently on the violin.
The second course for cihldren learning for the first time.
Beginner, Parents & Children
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