How to Hold the Violin (S)

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Now, follow along with these actions, to get your violin into playing position!

Start by picking up the violin... 
Hold the top of the body with your left hand, and the bottom with your right hand.

Feet Apart: 
Hold the violin out in front of you with both hands.

Stop the Traffic: 
Stretch the violin forward with left hand only, as if a policeman is stopping the traffic!

On your Collar Bone: 
Feel for your collar bone with your right hand and bring the violin up to rest on it.

Drop Your Chin: 
Drop your head slightly onto the chin rest.
Right Thumb In The Air: 
Point your right arm in the air.
Shooting Star: 
Bring the thumb down to the corner of the fingerboard and wave your fingers freely.

I Can Play The Violin: 
Then pluck the strings ... A A A A D D D ssh! A A A A D D D ssh!

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