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Sojourn in Spain with this scintillating Spanish Serenade by Carl Bohm. It’s full of sparkling staccatos, sprightly syncopations, and spectacular semiquavers!
No need to worry … it’s a false alarm! Practise these exercises in ten different major keys and you’ll never be alarmed by artificial/false harmonics ever again!
This impassioned, lyrical piece is a classic of the violin repertoire. You can play it entirely in 1st position, so it’s a great choice for your first Violin Concerto!
Practise this free-flowing flurry of diminished 7th arpeggios - reams and reams of minor 3rds - to experience the benefits of diminished returns!
Hans Sitt certainly knew how to write a good study! Take a trip to the land of 2nd Position and have a good look around in Study No. 21 from Book 2, Op. 32. Bon voyage!
The AI revolution is here! Say hello to your new friends! Practise producing artificial harmonics by playing perfect perfect 4ths and then crystal clear harmonics.
2nd position is the friendly neighbour of 1st position … why not pop over for a chat and a cup of tea with these one octave scales and arpeggios in C, F, and Bb major!
The Easy Winners is one of Scott Joplin’s most popular piano rags. The title refers to athletes who can win a sporting event with no trouble at all! Easy-peasy!
Are you ready for the Dominant 7th Games?! Get in shape with these one octave dominant seventh exercises and become masters of dodgeball, hopscotch and leapfrog!
A diminished 7th is a stack of minor thirds, each note being 3 semitones, or half steps, apart. All that minor thirdiness gives them a somewhat dark, ominous quality.

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