Violin Orchestra: Summer 2017

Learn about the Summer 2017 Violin Orchestra, discover the repertoire that we'll be playing, and become part of the group!

Beginner Quick Start

">If you're totally new to the violin, this short course will get you playing fast! Find a violin, learn the strings, play your first piece.


Holding The Violin

In this course we'll explore how to hold the violin and position it in relation to your body, so that you remain free and flexible whilst you play!

Introduction to Practice

One of the most important violin-playing skills is knowing how to practise! Be efficient, plan well, avoid bad habits, and keep improving!

Start to Read Music

New to music notation? Start here! This introduction to music theory will take you through the fundamental topics so that you can reading music today.

Get Set Up: The Violin & Bow

How to find a violin and bow that's right for you, plus an overview of the most important accessories such as the chin and shoulder rests.

Co-ordination: Bringing It All Together

In this course we'll bring together everything we've learnt so far about right and left hand technique, and start building up overall co-ordination and fluency.


Learn all the motions that make up a good vibrato, and the exercises you'll need to develop yours!

Shifting & Positions

Explore how to shift between the various left hand positions - smoothly, cleanly and expressively.

Bow Strokes

Discover the huge variety of bow strokes in violin playing, and the exercises you can use to develop them.

Scales & Arpeggios

Learn the many types of scale and arpeggio patterns, and how to build them into your practice routine.

Intonation: How To Play In Tune

Explore the rich and complex world of pitch! With a good physical and mental approach, you'll always be in tune.

How To Play In A Group

Experience the joy of playing music in a group! To perform music with others, there are a few things you need to know! We'll explore gesture, listening skills, how to follow a conductor, balance, physical communication and more.

Preparing to Perform

There's a BIG difference between knowing that you CAN do something, and knowing that you WILL do something under pressure! Let's learn how to perform...

Planning Your Learning

You're much more likely to get where you want to go if you have a plan for getting there! In this course, we plan your learning and practice.

The Left Arm & Hand

In this course we take a deeper look at the left arm and hand, and explore the principles of finger placement and left arm technique.

The Right Arm & Hand

In this course we take a deeper look at the technique of the right arm and hand, and explore the principles of movement that lead to good bowing and sound production!

The Essentials

There are a few foundational principles that are crucially important for every level of violin playing. We'll explore them in this introductory course!

Establishing Good Posture

It's remarkable how much the position of your body affects the mechanics of your violin playing. We'll learn how to develop a good posture for your body, and keep it that way!