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Live Schedule (17th-22nd January 2022)

This is Week 2 of the New Year Term! Our new Tuesday Course A starts this week, at 7pm UTC. All times are UTC (currently the same as London time) […]

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Live Schedule (10th-15th January 2022)

Term begins this week (10th January). We have additional Fundamentals classes taking place this week, including How to Get Started and How to Tune on Monday, Violin Fundamentals 1 and […]

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New! 1-Month Trial Pass for New Learners

The best way to get a sense for all the different things that happen at ViolinSchool is just to jump in and take part! Therefore, we're delighted to introduce a […]

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Live Schedule (3rd-8th January)

Tem begins next week (10th January), and all of this week we're running Pre-Term check-ins, plus some Fundamentals sessions for first-time learners. Come and join us! All times are UTC […]

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New Year - A Great Time To Start Playing The Violin!

It's 2022! And the New Year is a perfect excuse to bring a new habit into your life ... in fact, did you know that January is the second most […]

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Happy New Year from ViolinSchool!

What a year 2021 has been! But wherever you are and whatever you're doing today, please allow us a moment to wish you ... A 2022 that's full of music. […]

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Live Schedule (6-11th Dec)

Hello everyone! We're trying something new this week, in preparation for some big changes that you'll see coming to ViolinSchool in the New Year. Here's the live schedule for this […]

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Updated: The Practice Menu

A useful analogy for good Violin Practice is the Practice Menu! If this idea is new to you, then here's a 3-page summary that explains the importance of good planning […]

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Sarabande by Bohm

The German pianist and composer, Carl Bohm, really knew how to write a good tune! This is a fine example of a Sarabande — a slow, stately dance with 3 […]

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Ronde X

This lovely, lilting, flowing, yearning, dancing Medieval/Renaissance Ronde - written by that mysterious composer ‘Anon.’! - is exclusively arranged for two violins. Take a listen here: This is the first […]

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How to Avoid Hitting Other Strings When Playing The Violin

Do you ever find yourself landing on the wrong string, or hitting other strings whilst playing? Do you find that your stream crossings are not consistently smooth? These could be […]

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What do you do, when you don't know what to do next?

This is a simple idea, but it really really works. If you're practising a piece of music but you're not sure how to make it better, then just ask yourself […]

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Bells are Ringing (Course B)

Here's a new lesson that we've just added to Course B, to help you develop your bow division using and A major scale pattern: You can also find a library […]

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The Down Bow and the Up Bow

If you're just starting to read music for the first time, you might come across these symbols which are especially for string instruments... This is called a down-bow ... ... […]

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2021 Autumn Term: Welcome!

Here's a short welcome message from our director Simon Hewitt Jones, for learners joining us for the upcoming Autumn Term, starting 20th September! Not yet enrolled for the upcoming term? […]

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Good Intonation: Don't Be Like The Boiling Frog!

If you’ve ever found your fingers have drifted out of tune without you realising it, then you’re falling into the same trap as the boiling frog! Do you know the […]

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Don't Forget to Check Your Checklist!

One of the things you’ll always hear us say as we start people off on the violin for the first time – especially in our Violin Fundamentals classes - is […]

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Violin Orchestra at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - August 2021

Livestream & Music Video The Violin Orchestra travelled to Edinburgh last week, to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on Saturday 7th August. The Violin Orchestra is a unique orchestra […]

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The Blog is Back!

ViolinSchool‘s blog is returning for the 2021/22 season. This will be the place to find all the most recent updates on ViolinSchool. Our new feature articles and videos will also […]

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Re-Enrolment Options: Autumn Term 2021

Information For Continuing Learners: Earlybird! Re-Enrolment now available for a limited time Save $70 / €50 / £50 when you enrol today! If you are re-enrolling at ViolinSchool for Autumn […]

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The Violin Orchestra - Streets of London (July 2020)
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G Harmonic Minor Scale

In the G minor scale, we use Finger Pattern 2 on the G string, then Finger Pattern 1 on the D string, but with the 1st finger extended back.

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Twinkle Twinkle BBA

Without using the bow, let's learn how to tap the 1st, 2nd and 3rd fingers in the right place ... first on your arm, and then on your violin!

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Climbing The Scale (G, D, A)

Check your hand shape before you start! These finger patterns will help you develop your left hand technique and make your fingers fast and strong!

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Rock ’n’ Roll Rondo

Here is a piece of music in which the tune comes back again and again. In bars 13 to 16, you can create your own melody in a similar style!

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