Getting Started


How to Get Started With The Violin

Discover how and where to find the best violin for you. Learn all about the instrument, the bow, and essential accessories.


Beginner Quick Start

Play the violin straight away with a overview of fundamental techniques. Learn how to practise and perform a piece of music.

Beginner Courses

In Production - Coming Soon!

Beginner Course C

COMING AUTUMN 2020. In Beginner Course C you'll begin to shift to different positions, learn a variety of different bowing and left hand techniques, and expand your repertoire and musical knowledge.

Intermediate Courses


Course D

An Intermediate Violin Course for violinists who can already play fluently in 1st position.

Intermediate Courses D and E are now available at our school in London, England. We plan to make these courses available online later in the year.

Advanced Courses

Advanced level courses will be available in the future. Please register your interest here, and we'll let you know by email as soon as advanced courses become available!

Teacher Training

Our Violin Teacher Training Course is a comprehensive multi-level course that equips violinists with the knowledge and skills to become inspirational teachers. The course is initially available offline in Northern Europe during August each year.

More information about this course will be available soon - please leave your details and we will let you know as soon as information about the next training periods becomes available.


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