Easter e-Concert 2020

Information for Performers

Last updated: Tuesday April 7th, 13:30

Welcome to the Easter 2020 'e-Concert' information page! We have delayed the date of the e-Concert by one week, to allow more time for production. The livestream will now take place on:

Change of Plan: Concert Videos will now be released *individually* on the ViolinSchool YouTube Channel, beginning Saturday 11th April

See note below from Simon HJ:

Dear all, I hope this finds you safe and well. A lot is changing very fast at the moment! But it's more important than ever that 'the show must go on' ... the music we make is crucial to peoples wellbeing :)

So many of us (VS no exception) are balancing almost daily changes of time, energy, health, and so on ... we are also aware that everyone is in a different place right now.

For all these reasons and more, we've changed the plan, and will now release videos individually as 'premieres' on the VS YouTube channel over the next few days and weeks (with the first this Saturday eve, 11th April).

So ... please take the time you need to record, don't worry if you can't get everything done by Wednesday 8th, it would be great to have all videos this week if possible, but if you need more time just let us know.

We're putting together the performances as you send them in, so just forward your performance over when it's ready. :)

p.s. we're adapting our plans for the Summer Term and hope to have an update for you in the next day or so - please keep an eye on the blog and our social media

How it Works

1) Practise
Using earphones, listen through then practise using the reference track for each piece.

If there is no reference track, use a metronome instead. Remember to set the metronome to the correct beats per minute (bpm).

2) Set up
Prepare your recording space. Try to create a nice background, or just keep it plain. Dress code is 'slightly smarter than casual'!

Splashes of red, yellow, gold, purple, black, white and grey are always welcome! Most importantly, make sure your video is horizontal and at eye height - otherwise we might not be able to use your video!

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Use the highest resolution sound/picture available
  • If possible, save your video in .mp4 format
  • Remember that if you're on a slow internet connection, it may take you several hours to upload your video if it is high resolution.

3) Record
Listen through to the track/metronome again, then record yourself playing at the same time.

To find your music, scroll down this page to the course you are taking and follow the links.

4) Name Files
Please carefully name each file in the following format:

"Firstname Surname - Course X - Name of Piece"

Be sure to replace 'X' with the letter name representing your course!

5) Upload
Send your finished recordings by email to [email protected] with the subject line "Firstname Surname - Course X - Easter Concert Videos".

If they are large files (and they probably will be!), use a service such as Wetransfer or Hightail to transfer the files.

Alternatively, you can send us a link to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder, but if you do this, make sure to set the permissions to 'anyone with link can view/download'.

If you need help, email [email protected] and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible!

Course A (Adult)

Happy Campers - playalong is back online here (bottom of the Library page), please record at that speed (75 bpm)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - to be played at 75 bpm - play piece through once

Frère Jacques - to be played at 75bpm - play piece through three times (we will sync it into a 'round' in the edit!)


Course A (Parent & Child)

Pizzicato Polka - to be played at 60bpm

We Have Lift Off - to be played at 60bpm


Course B (Adult)

I Am The Captain Of A Pirate Ship - to be played at 100bpm - don't forget to slow down the digital player, which is set to 120bpm

Long, Long Ago - to be played at 60 bpm

Ode to Joy - to be played at 100bpm - don't forget to slow down the digital player, which is set to 120bpm


Course C

Home Sweet Home - reference track to follow at approx 60bpm - please practise at 60bpm and ignore the metronome mark on the sheet music

Fiddler On The Loose - play 3 times. Please note change of tempo! 1st time at 120bpm, 2nd time at 140bpm and 3rd time at 160bpm. - you will need to change the beat on the playalong / metronome

If the page for this piece is still playing up, here is: sheet music - mp3 accompaniment track

Amazing Grace - to be played at 75bpm


Course D/E

In An English Country Garden - to be played at 100bpm

and Home Sweet Home - Fiddler On The Loose - Amazing Grace --- see above for links!



Britches Full Of Stitches - to be played at 110 bpm - please record each accompaniment motif a couple of times

3 Pieces by Mozart (Air & Variation [120bpm] - Song from Don Giovanni [75bpm] - German Dance [120bpm])
Parts: Score - Violin 1 - Violin 2 - Viola - Cello
Playalongs: https://www.violinschool.com/temporary-ensemble-playalongs/

Ragtime, Serenade and Rumba - Ragtime [120bpm], Serenade [75bpm], Rumba [120bpm]
Parts: Score - Violin A - Violin B - Violin C - Viola - Cello
Playalongs: https://www.violinschool.com/temporary-ensemble-playalongs/



To The Greenwood - to be played at 110bpm - please record 3 times


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